Just Like Heaven (2005) Review


Elizabeth is a very hardworking and dedicated doctor, she pretty much lives at the hospital and caring for her patients. She did not make time for anything else and put her life on hold to achieve her dreams. A tragic car crash would change everything when David a lonely architect moves into her old apartment and can speak to her spirit.


Just Like Heaven has plenty of lovely moments and offers you a chance to wonder what could happen if someone is in a coma. Although i do like the way the film does not confirm that until a little bit later as we get to know a little bit about Elizabeth first and she her constantly working then the crash. We then flash forward  and see David deciding the apartment is perfect for him. But he is then kinda haunted by her spirit, although it take a while for them both to work out what has happened.

It does go rather deep at times as David is battling with loss and is trying to survive. Meeting Elizabeth changes everything for him, even though he feels like he has gone insane with it all. Which personally I think shows that when you are in the deepest of needs something or someone will appear at the right time to really help you out.

I could vaguely remember watching this film before and have to admit that I am pleased to have rewatched it. I mean come on Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo together in a film, it really is just well lovely to watch. The film is by no means groundbreaking but is one of those lovely films. Don’t we need more nice and lovely films? I certainly think so! The chemistry between Witherspoon and Ruffalo is very good and builds everything up nicely as not to force a love and first sight thing we are so used to seeing. It shows everything in a more realistic getting to know someone first.

As well as this we also get Elizabeth’s sister Abby shows a different side of having a family member in a coma. How the suffering is tough for her and her children to come to terms with. Then the question about turning off the machines which I am guessing is the worst possible thing to ever be asked about a family member and someone you love unconditionally. So it really does have a few layers going on with it and offers different subjects to think about. While not feeling totally real with the whole spirit part which I think is what makes the film more nice than anything else.

3 thoughts on “Just Like Heaven (2005) Review

  1. I haven’t seen this movie in YEARS. I watched it on ABCfamily (when it was still called that) sometime after “Avengers” and I thought, that’s the guy from “Avengers.” I can’t believe I did not know Mark Ruffalo’s name at the time since I used to watch “13 Going On 30” a few times in high school, which was around the same time frame.

    Love this review. The two actors are amazing and I feel like this is an underrated rom-com.

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