Intolerable Cruelty (2003) Review


Marilyn is a gold-digger looking for a rich man to marry and fleece for all of his money. When she comes up against Miles Massey a divorce lawyer who never loses and costs her a big payout from her cheating husband they become in a battle. Which is difficult for Miles as he is extremely attracted to her!


Miles Massey a tough lawyer who is very obsessed with his teeth, you will see from the different scenes, is totally taken in by Marilyn when he is representing her soon to be ex-husband Rex this leaves her with absolutely nothing and she then sets her sights on an even bigger challenge. Everything gets very wrapped up in itself and things may not be as they seem! That is probably the best way to think about it without spoiling any of the plot twists and turns.

I have watched this film quite a lot since its release due to being a big fan of Catherine Zeta Jones, then having George Clooney opposite her was always going to work out very well. Given that it has been many years since I last watched this film, I actually think that I may just be appreciating it a little bit more now. Especially when it comes to the twists and turns making it a little bit different to a standard romantic comedy.

The story creates an interesting approach to marriage in Los Angeles and just how ridiculous some of them have become, women finding men to take money from and sacrificing a stage of their lives in order to get a fortune. In that sense it then means that they are not actually looking for love, they want money and a hell of a lot of it!

I find the Coen brother films quite difficult to get into in all honesty and I always seem to be on the fence over how I actually find them. I guess they do have a very unique quirky style which pushes boundaries. That is no different for this film with their very own take on a romantic comedy, it certainly makes for a very unique film. The performances are truly fantastic with Catherine Zeta Jones and George Clooney displaying some truly incredible chemistry which is just the best to watch unfold. Then when you have Geoffrey Rush in a small supporting role at the start who is just hilarious. My absolute favourite supporting actor Richard Jenkins as well, seriously he is one of those who I always just adore and find myself impressed with no matter how small the role is.

If you enjoy romantic comedies and decide to watch this one you have to be a little bit open minded as it will not be what you are expecting. That is certainly not a bad thing at all because surely its nice to see a film dare to be different and unique? I will vouch for that and have to admit that I probably do like this one a lot more than I did years ago.

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