To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020) Review


Lara Jean and Peter are now properly in an official relationship after pretending but when she receives a letter back from one of her old love letters she is going to doubt everything about what she knows.


This is a sequel following To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before which was a film that I really enjoyed. So I was certainly looking forward to a second instalment. We are still hearing about those letters that Kitty posted out after finding in her sisters room, which were written at different stages in her life and the boys Lara Jean had loved from afar.

Balancing life in High School and now having a very popular boyfriend Lara Jean has entered into the unknown world. She doubts everything Peter says or does because she cannot get it out of her head that she is not the first girl he has said these things to or done things with. I guess that is something everyone can relate to at some point in life, you want to just be in love with that other person but thinking about others they have possibly loved is enough to drive you totally crazy.

Even more so when she suddenly gets a reply from John Ambrose McClaren via letter. He was actually rather shocked and also honoured when he read her letter. The two would then reunite when they are volunteering at the same old peoples home. Which I guess was perfectly placed to really make Lara Jean doubt everything with Peter even more when John returns she seems to still have feelings for him.

I really enjoyed seeing the character development of Lara Jean as at times she falls into becoming someone she shouldn’t just because she now has a boyfriend. Taking away some of the hard work from the first film, but this was very important to highlight and really hit home that you should not have to change the way you behave and act for anyone. Always be yourself and I felt this was something she more than worked out before it was truly too late.

I have to admit that the film was certainly pushing John a lot more than Peter and I totally fell for that cannot deny it. John is shown to be a much better match for Lara Jean and they have so many things in common, maybe that old saying of opposites attract is better for Peter? Surely if you are too much the same it is destined for disaster. Therefore the way it ends was quite a surprise really, a massive positive though had to be repairing friendships that had long been broken and were looked into during the first film and continued in this one. Girls need friends and they also need to be kind to one another a lot more than they actually are! Stormy is added in as a wise older woman who takes on more of a grandmother type role in Lara Jean’s life she had previously known her older sister Margot.

Lana Condor is a terrific lead in the film and throughly believable in the role from start to finish, growing even more into the character during this second film. Really looking forward to seeing her in the third and other films in the future. Offering very good chemistry with both Noah Centineo and Jordan Fisher, who are both very charming and come across as very nice it has to be said. A lovely surprise in terms of performance was Holland Taylor as Stormy pretty much taking her character from Two and a Half Men and being placed in this film works very well. Throwing in another TV series reference which actually makes me feel old is John Corbett as the father I mean come on Sex and the City fans, so something for older generations as well.

All in all a very nice teen romantic comedy that I just know I would have loved so much when I was a teenager myself. It is reassuring to have films in this genre that are actually very nice and away from focusing on sex, looking a lot more into love, relationships and friendship!

Available to stream on Netflix from Wednesday 12th February 2020 –

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