The Lion King (1994) Review


Simba a lion cub prince is tricked by his evil Uncle Scar into thinking that he as to blame for his fathers death. This sees Simba flee into exile until he must face his destiny once he becomes an adult.


The Lion King is easily one of the best animated films that we have ever had from Disney and that makes it such a joy to still watch now. A film that I watched so many times as a child, this was one of my childhood films and I feel as though Disney continued on from Aladdin in terms of famous voices for the characters. Something else for this one though that they actually had theatre people involved for the songs as well which gives it that extra edge.

Mufasa was trying to teach his young son Simba that one day he would be King and rule. Not realising that this meant his father would then be dead, Simba did not really take anything seriously. His friendship with Nala was looking for trouble and seeing how much chaos they could cause for Zazu.

Scar has other plans he has always resented his brother and wants to be King himself. Only one way that would happen, to wipe out Mufasa and Simba, which was something he did try to do. Killing his brother in the process and blaming his young nephew who then ran away. This is where Simba meets Timon and Pumbaa and they become a trio who enjoy a simple life and Hakuna Matata!

When Nala is out hunting she just so happens to come across Simba and now grown up a romance occurs between the pair, can she convince Simba to live up to his birthright and save his mother and the rest of the pride?

The magical thing about the lion king really does have to be the fantastic musical numbers throughout the film which are placed so perfectly to compliment the story. You cannot help but sing along and it certainly does make you smile when watching it. That isn’t something that every Disney films manages to capture it really does have a special kind of magic in this film.

Making you laugh as well with some very funny lines, some of which are certainly put in for the adults watching which will not make children smile in the same way. Another reason to rewatch animated films right, to see the parts you missed as a child? I think that is certainly very true.

One of my favourite voice performances in this has to be from Whoopi Goldberg as Shenzi one of the hyena’s it really does create for some hilarious scenes. Not forgetting Scar getting a great villain song “Be Prepared” and voiced so perfectly by Jeremy Irons!

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