So Undercover (2012) Review


Molly is a private eye that is working with her ex-cop father mainly focusing on people cheating on their spouses and the FBI hire her to go undercover in a college sorority.


The thing with Molly is though that she has not had the most normal of upbringings and is very different to the other girls in the college. She needs to change a lot to become Brook, her new identity. But parts of herself come through to help out with different tasks as she must find out who does not belong.

She must get to know the different girls and try and work out who could be trying to influence the daughter of a man testifying against a criminal. Other than that I cannot really say much else about the plot, considering that is pretty much it really. It does try to have a big twist at the end but even that is very thin and you quite frankly don’t really care by that point. The attempt at making everyone seem like it could be them was a little bit obvious really and I guess the main plot was pretty obvious in terms of how everything came about in terms of the FBI.

It does attempt character development for Molly and how becoming Brook then helps her to have more in life and create a better future for herself. Which I guess wasn’t something that looked possible at the start of the film, again though it didn’t massively feel like it mattered. Another film though that does not paint a very good picture of college and sororities from my British point of view.

This was a film for Miley Cyrus in an attempt to step away from Hannah Montana when that finished, so I guess we can understand the want to have a more interesting role in terms of showing a different side and range. However, with the thin and weak plot/script it was never going to be possible or even a groundbreaking film. The worst thing is when watching this I actually think I have put myself through it before.


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