Made in America (1993) Review


Widowed Sarah Matthews and her daughter Zora are living what seems to be a normal life. Until Zora discovers that Charlie the man she was told was her father could not be when having a blood test one day, the truth comes out that it was from a sperm donor and she wants to find her “father”.


When Zora heads to the sperm bank in a quest to find out who her father is the results on that are not great when it turns out to be Hal Jackson. The worst thing is? Well, he’s white! That does create for some amusing scenes as Sarah finds out and Zora wants to get to know him and figure out what influence he has had on her.

Tea Cake Walters is her best friend and offers support to Zora as she is trying to make sense of her life. The revelation puts a strain on the mother-daughter relationship which you can only imagine really when Zora found out the man she believed was her father was in fact not. Then a random white guy who sold cars was now apparently her father. Although you would have thought they would have checked it all out to be totally sure, let’s blame the computers seemed to be the best idea for the twist really. Transferring from the paper documents did not go smoothly as we find out in the end.

I am guessing this is a film that won’t really be watched very often for the first time by anyone now, I guess it depends how you feel towards Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson. I certainly would be interested in how anyone finds this with a first viewing now. I imagine for a first time watch it has dated rather badly.

I guess you can say for a 90s comedy this film really does have some big hitters. Especially with Whoopi Goldberg leading the film alongside Ted Danson. Throwing in Will Smith for one of his early film roles as well. The balance of comedy does work well throughout the film and considering how many times I have seen the film over the years I guess I can count it as one of my guilty pleasures now.

Another thing about watching it now I actually think that this is a film that I watched at too young of an age. I think with the whole Whoopi Goldberg effect from some of the more kids based films led to me also watching this back in the 90s. Some of the sexual content was probably a little bit inappropriate thinking about it now.


2 thoughts on “Made in America (1993) Review

  1. I remember seeing this movie in the 90s…in the theater (!) no less, and hating, hating, hating it. I don’t even remember the situation but a friend and I needed to kill some time so we went to see this at a mall theater. We almost walked out. An egregious example of a “one joke” picture that had nowhere to go after that one joke was revealed (Schwarzenegger’s “Twins”.from the same era had exactly the same problem). And the joke turns out to be…he’s WHITE!!! I could almost hear a Hollywood exec chortling and trying to convince me this was funny. “He’s white!!! Ha ha! Wow! What a gasser! Isn’t that hilarious? Isn’t it? Huh? Let’s try again…he’s white! And Ted Danson! That’s not funny?” Ugh. What a disaster.

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