Wild Rose (2018) Review


Rose-Lynn Harlan has just spent twelve months in prison and is back out to chase her dream of becoming a Nashville country singer, but has anyone from Glasgow managed to do that before? Having to balance reconnecting with her two children as well, will she be able to get her life back on track?


I am going to start on a massive positive for this film as I totally loved it. I had been looking forward to seeing it as it just looked like the type of film that I would enjoy, that was certainly the case. A film about a young woman from Glasgow who wanted to be a country singer, having served time in jail though it was never going to be easy.

Her mother Marion had been looking after her children, her daughter is not so much over the top when seeing her and will not even talk to her for quite a while. Her son Lyle was different though and pleased his Mam was back. The age of her children were 8 and 5, so a full year away was going to have different effects on them.

Marion is determined to get Rose-Lynn to finally accept the responsibility of having children and forgetting about her country singing dream. She gets a job cleaning a house for a rather wealthy couple and this is how she meets Susannah. She is taken in by Rose-Lynn and eventually does try to help her get to Nashville. The only problem is she isn’t fully told the truth about her background.

That was something that confused me a little bit, I didn’t really understand why she wasn’t honest about having children? The time in prison I can, because that can be used against people when it comes to employment.

The film takes you on plenty of emotional journeys, including being frustrated with Rose-Lynn. We are put in the position of Marion who obviously will do anything for her grandchildren but is also trying to get her daughter back on track. One of the later scenes where she realises that by her daughter doing that it has killed the spark she had because she was no longer dreaming but just surviving.

Uplifting. That is when the film takes that turn and we get a fantastic story of a woman finding herself and being able to then create a better life not only for herself but for her children as well. Combine that with a truly outstanding song and you have an amazing end to the film.

Jessie Buckley is truly outstanding in this film and I was blown away by her in both the acting and singing moments. She is someone I remember from the “I’d Do Anything” talent show searching for the new Nancy for Oliver back in 2008. I believe that really shows her determination and that she has gone on to really learn her craft, with Beast last year and now following up with this brilliant film. I must also mention that Julie Walters was as equally amazing, helping bring out the very best in Buckley as well, they really did work so well together.

I really hope this film gets the credit it more than deserves as it really is very impressive from start to finish. Powerful female roles which are a joy to watch.

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