London Film & Comic Con 2019


It is official this year I am heading to my first ever comic con. In London ran by Showmasters! The main reason I have decided to do this is with Jason Momoa attending again!


So I have already bought a photo shoot ticket for Momoa! I could well be tempted to maybe try a couple more as well as more people are announced! John Barrowman is attending and I am a huge fan of his . . . So he might be another I book for!

If anyone has any advice please share, as I am a total newbie with this . . .

I’ve seen things about a virtual queue? – Can anyone expand what that actually means?

13 thoughts on “London Film & Comic Con 2019

  1. I attended the iconic San Diego Comic-Con many years, as my TV network did live shows from eh floor of the convention…they are so much fun because you come across so many stars who have signing booths, lots of great panels to sit in and listen to, and smooch collectible stuff as well – you are going to have a blast, and the event should offer plenty of information as it gets closer to help you navigate and sign up for certain events – have a blast!

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