Captain Marvel (2019) Review


Carol Danvers is left without any memories and is simply known as Vers. But when a mission goes wrong she ends up on Earth and memories of a life she once had begun to return.


In the Marvel Universe Earth always seems to get caught up in the middle of a war between different alien races. That is no different in Captain Marvel, with Vers desperately trying to remember her previous life as she has dreams which can only be memories. Having things kept from her and accidentally ending up back on Earth she will have a chance to piece things together.

When she crash lands straight into a Blockbuster store that is confirmation we are back in the 1990s. Something I personally adored about this film, so much 90s nostalgia and it really worked so well. Allowing an amazing soundtrack to be used which certainly brings some memories back. Along with that she quickly meets Nick Fury and we see that Agent Coulson has always been one of the good guys!

It all moves at a very good pace and I thought it had parts which we can link to phase one in terms of action, lines and the character build up. So it had a nice familiar feel, they don’t need to change it too much! Plus the added bonus of this being Marvel’s very first female led film. That has to be mentioned as after over a decade of films this is the first. However, I don’t feel differently towards the character because she is female. This is a superhero film and origin story the sex of the character really does not change anything about that!

I hope that comes across in the right way though, as a female myself it is great to have more like this. A long way to go but surely we will get more and more from the comics? Let’s face it Black Widow has done well within the Universe but nothing ever has pushed her fully to being anything other than a supporting character.

We are given this film in the final build up towards End Game and that is essential really as we needed to know more about the last hope for the whole galaxy in Captain Marvel. The end credit scene being probably the first I could easily understand (with my lack of comic book knowledge).

As always Stan Lee gets his little cameo and it was as great as ever! I also loved the small tribute before the film within the Marvel title. That certainly set this one up in the best manner possible. Brie Larson is good as Carol/Vers and her development over the film was pretty impressive too. De-aging Samuel L. Jackson as Fury was certainly fun as well, something we have seen before with Michael Douglas in Ant-Man but this was for the full film. Annette Bening in a superhero film! Seriously just how amazing is that, she is a truly talented actress and that is something to really enjoy about the actors they are getting in this huge universe.

The film had been surrounded by hate before it was released which is utterly crazy in all honesty as let’s face it if you are a Marvel fan then you are going to enjoy this one as it fits in with the mould they have built so well over the years. Why should it make a difference a female being in the leading role? I personally love it a lot!


6 thoughts on “Captain Marvel (2019) Review

  1. Soundtrack was ace! I was annoyed not just at all the stupid backlash, but that I felt like a ‘bad feminist’ for not jumping to defend all that side. As you said – who cares if she’s Mr or Ms Marvel, really? o_O

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