The Kissing Booth (2018) Review


Elle and Lee were born on the same day, their mothers best friends so they became best friends as well, everything was about to change though and be tested when she falls in love with his older brother Noah.


I seem to be drawn towards this type of film and like to give the Netflix originals a chance really, as find it nice to have them only available on the streaming service. Kinda see it the same as being able to see the new releases at the cinema as soon as they come out. Anyway a film with the title “The Kissing Booth” probably won’t sound all that fantastic to everyone, but I felt it offered a lot more than just being about a kissing booth. It is about friendship and finding your first love, which just so happens to have the potential to ruin that friendship. Isn’t that pretty spot on to real life though? When someone falls in love they lose friends?

Heading back to High School after the summer we get the point that Elle has somewhat developed and is now getting the attention from a lot of the guys, some of them in older years. What she didn’t know was that Noah was threatening them from asking her out. The relationship between the pair was pretty good, considering he was the star football player and every single girl in the school wanted to be with him and would not stand up to him in the same way Elle did, I mean some of the parts were pretty obvious to what was going to happen.

I did love the friendship between Elle and Lee though it really was just great, especially to show that girls and boys can actually just be friends throughout childhood, following into being teenagers and you truly believe with this that they would be friends forever. You cannot help but feel for them all involved after the kiss and then when they actually fall in love, luckily though Lee is given a love interest as well which I certainly think helps.

The main thing I really liked was Elle discussing different events in her head and offering rational thought behind moments. Like not actually falling for his words, then still thinking about different moments later. That all felt real and relatable, she wasn’t convinced they would be together forever either, again real and sensible in all honesty. So this film really does have a lot more to it than you may think from the title and synopsis, that really was surprising to me. I found myself totally into the film and wanted them all to be happy, which I guess wasn’t fully possible. Also any rules you set when you are six are not always going to be followed when you get older!

If you are quite partial to High School films then you really should add this one to your list, it is easily the best I have seen in a very long time. Had more links to the older films and some pretty nice messages to go along with it all.

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