Oscars 2018 – Best Actress

The top award an actress can hope to win which also means Meryl Streep will somehow be involved! I think this year we have been given five fantastic performances which are all very different and from very different types of films. That certainly shows that this has been a great year for the roles women have been getting, especially considering the very negative time Hollywood has had. This will be a very good celebration for talent and roles.

Let’s have one last look at the actresses who have been nominated for performances in a leading role . . .

Sally Hawkins, The Shape Of Water (Review)

A truly incredible moving performances from Hawkins who really pushes the acting boundaries in The Shape of Water from start to finish. Playing a very lonely mute she will tug at your heartstrings from the first moment you see her on screen. An amazing performance to show that actions often speak louder than words. I would therefore love to see Hawkins rewarded for her brave and bold performance.

Frances McDormand, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (Review)

Unreal. That is probably the best word to use about McDormand in Three Billboards a truly fantastic character for her to take on with the very serious no-nonsense acting required. I had actually seen this film before her Oscar-winning role in Fargo which I then watched and I think she is even better in this so it is no surprise she is the clear favourite and will go onto win her second Oscar.

Margot Robbie, I, Tonya (Review)

I have made it pretty clear with the past few times that I have seen Robbie in that I don’t really get the hype around her and haven’t really seen anything that has been special or amazing. Unfortunately I still feel this way towards her even after seeing her as Tonya. Yes, it might just be her best performance yet but for me that really isn’t saying very much, I therefore think she is the weakest of the nominees. Going for the standard I am beautiful to being ugly and rough in an attempt for critical acclaim. It probably didn’t help that I didn’t enjoy the method of the film.

 Saoirse Ronan, Lady Bird (Review)

Ronan is only 23 years old and this is her third Oscar nomination, all have been very much deserved I must add. None more than this one as she takes on the coming of age drama with comedy moments as a girl turning young woman who must deal with the different choices she is making in regards to love, sex and her future. Oh whilst also having a toxic and difficult relationship with her mother. She is fantastic in the film even when you don’t agree with her choices, I would be very happy if she were to take the Oscar home.

Meryl Streep, The Post (Review)

Come on it really could not be the Oscars anymore without history maker Meryl Streep having a nomination. She is the record holder for the most nominations and quite frankly one of the greatest actresses of all time. This year she is nominated for The Post which is a very political film which allows her to bring out the big performance opposite Tom Hanks the first time they have starred together and directed by Spielberg it was always going to be a magical performance.

Who I want to win: Saorise Ronan for Lady Bird (or Sally Hawkins in The Shape of Water)
Who I think will win: Frances McDormand for Three Billboards

Who is your favourite?


5 thoughts on “Oscars 2018 – Best Actress

  1. I think Frances McDormand will win but really want Sally Hawkins to get the Oscar. I thought she was great in The Shape of Water but she gets my vote for her role in Maudie too, where she was even better.

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