Coco (2017) Review


Miguel has never been able to understand his family’s music ban when all he wants to do is perform. He ends up finding himself in the Land of the Dead and must find his legendary great-great-grandfather.


I had heard pretty good buzz surrounding this film but I went into not knowing what it was about and I hadn’t seen any trailers due to not seeing any animated films at the cinema last year, and I really did like that approach as it meant I fully had an open mind about the film. Nothing to cloud my judgement and what I found was a truly exceptional film with amazing messages and values.

We follow Miguel who feels he does not fit into his family as they have a music ban and he does not want to be part of that, they all make shoes that isn’t something he feels he wants to do either. Surely everyone can relate to that is they are growing up and you have to start making choices? When he eventually tries to stand up for himself he almost destroys everything for his dead ancestors when he takes the photo and they cannot pass through. He must make amends and fix everything before the sunrises or he will be stuck in the Land of the Dead.

Visually the film is stunning at times and it has that high level that Pixar have set for themselves I will admit that at times I totally forgot that I was actually watching an animated film which certainly has to be a massive compliment. I thought the way they had the dead as skeletons but with their unique look was very impressive as well, that was something that really could have gone wrong for the film but it worked out very well.

The main value in the film was family and trying to get a young boy to really understand how important it is to remember your ancestors and how they have impacted the life you currently have. This also allows the film to tug at your heartstrings and I was very close to tears near the end, because it was sad yet a happy moment as well when Miguel was really accepting everything he already had.

The story does have a couple of twists and turns as well, some of which are pretty obvious others are pretty clever but overall it creates a very unique story and film. I could easily see myself watching it again as it was very touching. I also really liked the song “Remember Me” and can understand why it has been nominated for best original song at the Oscars, more than deserves that! I would actually love to see it win, as come on it is easily going to win best animated film as it has no competition but that is not taking away just how good this film is. I was thinking though is it not a little bit too dark at times for children? A fantastic cinema experience and I have already seen more animated films at the cinema this year than last year!

4 thoughts on “Coco (2017) Review

  1. This was an instant classic. The ability of Pixar to introduce people to a different culture and make it so compelling to watch is actually kinda unbelievable.


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