Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Review


Everything is about to fall apart for Thor when Asgard is threatened with Ragnarok. The reappearance of Loki and the revelation of Hela the Goddess of Death who just happens to be their sister, nothing is going to be straight forward. Especially when Thor is captured and must fight the current champion Hulk!


I have always had such a big soft spot for Thor since the whole launch of the Marvel universe. I think that has a lot to do with Chris Hemsworth and his performance, capturing all emotions whilst being hilarious at the same time, in such a charming manner.

Thor: Ragnarok was built up to be a big spectacle and a quite frankly larger than life. On a bigger scale than Thor’s previous alone outings. It was every it that and well even more, it was fantastic fun. You cannot take it too seriously but it is a great film to see at the cinema. Combining so many impressive scenes with brilliant moments between Thor and Loki, then Thor and Hulk really showing just how strong the character bonds have become. Also from the viewers point of view we know these characters very well now.

We are introduced to a few new characters throughout this film as well, including a member of the Valkyrie who we were all presumed dead a very impressive female character I must add, something Marvel haven’t done very well yet and more from the Grandmaster. As well as Doctor Strange making an appearance so we get plenty of crossovers and build up in this film. I kinda feel that I have to mention that this is as much the Hulk/Bruce Banner’s film as it is Thor’s to be perfectly honest as a lot more build up with that character.

Loki as usual as plenty of schemes and you are never quite sure when he is working with or against Thor. We have some rather emotional moments in this one again and I think that is a great balance from Marvel to have those moments which change a character, with the funny moments we have grown to love from this universe.

I certainly enjoyed this one as it really is a larger than life comic book film and I think Marvel have eventually done Thor justice with this one. Giving him his biggest stage yet, some impressive fight scenes and flying scenes, spread out pretty well. Plenty of references to the Avengers which is always a must right? Well, that is what we are all building up towards. I am interested to see how that is going to work out. I wasn’t overly impressed with the last couple of Marvel films so pleased that I ended up enjoying this one a lot.

Chris Hemsworth deserves a lot more credit (and another mention) as he really is just great in this role. I hope we see plenty more from Thor in the next few Marvel films as I will never get tire of seeing him in that role. Along with Tom Hiddleston as Loki, I cannot even decide if he is still a bad guy or a good guy now, so brilliant that everyone pretty much loves him just as much! A last mention has to go to Cate Blanchett who was so wonderfully evil in her role, but doesn’t get as much screen time as I expected!

6 thoughts on “Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Review

  1. Nice Review, I enjoyed this one a lot too, So many wonderful performances Agree with Hemsworth, i feel he is now on Downey Jr and Evans level for leading and completey understanding his superhero character.

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    • Oh yeah I totally agree with that! I think this has come at the perfect time at the cinema as a lot of films I have seen recently have been very poor! So nice to actually enjoy a film on the big screen!

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  2. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the Thor film too, but I think this is definitely the best of the trilogy. I think hiring Taika Waititi to direct was a masterstroke — he brings a lot of his style of humour to it, but doesn’t undersell the dramatic stuff either.

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