October 2017 at the Cinema

As we are approaching the last few months of 2017 I honestly don’t think the standard of films is improving too much in all honesty, I am sure you will see exactly why when looking at the seven films that I went to see during October.

The number of films I went to see was 7 and this then cost £2.55 per film as the Unlimited Card at Cineworld is £17.90 per month.

4th – Goodbye Christopher Robin – Review

11th – The Mountain Between Us – Review

12th – The Death of Stalin – Review (Unlimited Screening)

17th – The Snowman – Review

20th – Geostorm – Review

25th – Thor: Ragnarok – Review

29th – Breathe – Review

Film of the Month
Thor: Ragnarok because it was so much fun and we need more of that when heading to the cinema to see films. I certainly think this is the best Thor film I know people aren’t huge fans of the previous two but I have always been a fan, I think Thor is my more secret favourite. It has a bit of everything in this film! I think it is continued improvement from Marvel building on what they did with Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Male Performance of the Month

Andrew Garfield is truly outstanding in Breathe and I really hope he gets a lot of credit for his performance in this one as it really did blow me away. I think he has had a pretty impressive 2017! I will be surprised if he isn’t in or around awards for this one, that is honestly how good I thought he was in the film. He has quickly become one of my current favourite actors.

Female Performance of the Month

Claire Foy was launched into the spotlight staring as the Queen in The Crown and it was great to see her in a leading role on the big screen and she was brilliant as well in Breathe. I think it was essential in the film that the main pair worked so well together and she is such a strong character and given a great chance to show what she can do. I am looking forward to season two of The Crown and seeing what Foy does next.

Which films did you see during October? Which were your favourites?

Not forgetting your favourite male and female performances? 

4 thoughts on “October 2017 at the Cinema

  1. You are right that the quality of films as not yet reached an “awards peak” – there are many to come that are supposed to be award-worthy, but we will see – and as you point out, sometimes the best films are just the ones that are the most fun!

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