The Mummy (2017) Review


The story of an ancient Princess who was buried alive to stop the evil is released from her tomb setting in motion a huge series of events.


Nick Morton will do anything to find treasure which isn’t exactly the greatest thing in the world when that gets him well and truly involved with an ancient destiny. Will he manage to find a way out or will it all be too late?

I either did not pay enough attention to the trailers or anything but my reaction to finding out Russell Crowe’s character as Dr Henry Jekyll was what wait no really. Throwing in even more gods and monsters into the plot which kinda took the whole film away from the mummy. I thought that was a pretty strange decision in all honesty, I guess that was the moment it took the very ridiculous turn and I was starting to understand why it had received the many bad reviews.

Although that is certainly not the only reason, I did find myself actually laughing out loud at times when I am pretty sure it wasn’t meant to be funny at all. Which is a bit of a shame really, Tom Cruise being a good choice to play the lead in this type of film. I will place some of the blame for one scene on that turn your phone off advert that we have had in the UK, it just looked so much worse in the film after seeing it so many times.

The characters aren’t really very likeable even Nick and then Jenny who have a very slight “love” story and connection. Which I think is another factor I didn’t find myself getting into the film, it was one of them that you are just wondering when it is going to end. Not a good thing considering that you should be enjoying watching a film at the cinema, especially an action and adventure one!

Ahmanet was supposed to be terrifying as she was on the crusade to be completely evil and bring back the devil in the body of a man. The problem with her was that she turned out to be hilarious, the way they had her moving around was just too funny to have even a slight fear about. I guess that is something that is rather difficult to get right. It certainly leaves the question did we really need this rebooted film? No.

Well, probably not but we got it anyway and I am sure it will do pretty well at the box office and a second will be on the way. As it was left it was with the door wide open ready for part two. Which will not be wanted by anyone at all really, I guess trying to have too much in the one film was the main problem in the end. The other summer blockbusters don’t really have a lot to follow after this one kicking it all off in a pretty bad fashion!

20 thoughts on “The Mummy (2017) Review

  1. Always a solid review. That’s too bad. I was looking forward to seeing this. No one can surpass the “real” classics but I love it when they try. I did like the 90s first version very much. It had a cute love story. I still have to see this. I really like Russell Crowe…. what a surprise🙂

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  2. This is how th film “industry” works these days: it does NOT MATTER how badly this guff bombs here – it will be lapped up in China; notice th recognisable lead; th scenes of pointless exposition that can not only b redubbed, but REWRITTEN if need be; reams of mindless violence and nonsensical scenes, etc. etc.
    1 wk it’s King Blimey Arthur, now: this?! We worry about u – DON’T put yourself thro this, girl!

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  3. This one for the ‘DVD maybe’ list. It’s obvious Universal is trying to emulate DC and Marvel by building a ‘universe’, but I think that bird has flown. I’m betting they won’t get much further than the next movie in the franchise, before the plug is pulled.

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  4. Even as a big-time Tom Cruise fan, I must confess this movie really did kind of suck. There was some potential there, and it wasn’t all terrible, but it was definitely more bad than good. I really never understood why he took on this role in the first place, and I think the Dark Universe is in a bad situation already. Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll won’t be a big box office draw. Johnny Depp, cast as the Invisible Man, has been the least profitable movie star for years, and I doubt the masses are going to rush out to see Javier Bardem in Frankenstein (though I really do like that casting). They should have taken a much smaller-budget approach to these films. Now they’re deep in a hole that they probably won’t be able to get out of, and probably never should have came out of in the first place.

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