Top 10 – Worst Films of 2017

This list is getting tougher to put together which I think means that I manage to avoid the bad films that are released during the year, that being said though I still did see my share of pretty awful films. The list probably could be changed with any of the films taking the top spot so I guess its more just the ten films I thought were the worst in 2017 in all honesty, rather than a count down list!

Here you can see the films I caught at the cinema during 2017!

10.  The Mummy (Review)
Film Title: The Mummy
Seriously what was even going on with this film, it needed to make its mind up if it was just going to be about a mummy or if it wanted to suddenly be about Jekyll and Hyde as well. Such a shame considering it was Cruise and Crowe taking on the leading roles in this one, but it really was very bad!

9. Happy Death Day (Review)
happy death day image 2_1507715418261_10760847_ver1.0
The horror take on Groundhog Day and what might just happen if you keep getting killed on your birthday, surely that will change everything about you as a person right? Well, the plot was very messed up in the end and didn’t really make much sense at all.

8. Mother! (Review)
This was a very love or hate film and obviously considering it is on my worst list it was the later for me! I seriously did not get it at all when sitting in the cinema watching everything unfold, I don’t really think the way forward with a film is that you actually have to research afterwards to find out what it was actually all about. I am a big Jennifer Lawrence fan so was very disappointed with how it went.

7. Assassins Creed (Review)
One of the first films I saw this year which is based on the popular game which I had no experience of, therefore didn’t really find myself getting into the film. I thought with Fassbender in the lead role it would be engaging and interesting. It was neither of those things.

6. Baywatch (Review)
What else can really be said about this one? Other than the fact it is a really bad comedy with a terrible storyline. Such a shame The Rock put himself with this as he is one of my guilty pleasures. Although Zac Efron does look very good without his shirt on, which seems to be what he does in films most of the time now.

5. A Bad Moms Christmas (Review)
I actually enjoyed Bad Moms which meant that I was actually quite looking forward to this one, which was not a good thing at all when this turned out to be truly terrible. It wasn’t even that the jokes were redone from the first film, it was just the mixing of it all with the fake happiness of what Christmas should be just didn’t work at all for me.

4. The House (Review)
Will Ferrell is very hit miss and this one was certainly a miss another film where it felt like such a shame considering Amy Poehler was in it as well, I just found myself not enjoying anything about it or finding anything about it funny.

3. Free Fire (Review)
This film ended up being a preview at Cineworld as part of the Unlimited Screenings. I was not impressed with it at all, watching a film where the characters were lying on the floor for probably 90% of the film was not for me at all.

2. Table 19 (Review)
I am not entirely sure why I went to see this one as from the trailers it did not look very good at all. That was therefore confirmed when I actually saw the whole film, nothing funny about it as a bunch of people who apparently should have declined attending the wedding look to have a good day together.

1. Fifty Shades Darker (Review)
The worst thing about this film series is that it is based on some very awfully written books and the films are just as bad really, not something you can get away from. The problem is they target an audience that does not usually attend the cinema therefore actually making a lot of money for a bad story and even worse acting. Nothing romantic or nice about this film relationship.


What were the worst films you watched in 2017? 

12 thoughts on “Top 10 – Worst Films of 2017

  1. Wow, some real bad movies on this list! “mother!” was one of the most shockingly awful films I have ever seen – and I like edgy films, as I post about many times….that said, considering Jennifer and the Director are an item, I wonder why she supported him abusing her in the most vile ways – considering how upset she was at those leaked private pics of her before – and she had EVERY right to be of course – the Director seemed to enjoy humiliating her in the film just as bad – and for what purpose? I read what they were all supposed to “represent” and boy oh boy what a load!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am so pleased you agree about mother! I actually had wished I had been able to see others reactions when I was in the cinema because I couldn’t quite believe what I was actually watching it was just awful. I do believe they have split up now!

      Liked by 1 person

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