Say When (2014) Review


Megan is about to enter a quarter life crisis as she totally panics after her High School boyfriend proposes to her. She then befriends a 16 year old (and her dad) as she escapes for a week to really think about what has happened to her life.


*Previously known as Laggies*

This film has a story we can all probably relate to at some point in our life. Not knowing if something is what you want or what you should be doing. Sometimes the line between those two choices is very thin. This causes many problems usually been your head and heart.

That is how Megan is from the very start to the finish. Never really certain of what she wants. But with the fact her immediate reaction to the proposal to be that she does not want to marry him and then disappears for a week surely that should have more than answered.

We instead get a mixed up week with Megan somehow becoming friends with a 16 year old still in High School struggling with her own problems. It seems as though Megan uses this to escape from her own and does her very best to help the teenager.

It is rather obvious what is going to happen between Megan and the dad from the very first moment. He is not impressed and does not understand why a woman wants to be friends with his daughter, it does have a very uncomfortable feel to it all. I couldn’t think of anything worse than hanging out with teenagers, it wasn’t even a massive amount of fun when I was a teenager, haha.

It has to be mentioned about Keira Knightley’s accent, at times I was pretty impressed but then other times it sounded a bit strange. I guess a bit of a push though as she always ends up just British and with her normal accent. I thought her chemistry with Sam Rockwell was good though, does he ever put in a bad performance as was very impressed with him yet again. Chloe Grace Moretz was a typical teenager with issues and problems, but did it well enough to be believable.

It does all take some twists and turns and leaves the audience wondering if she will go back and marry her boyfriend or admit to everyone and herself that really is just not what she wants anymore. If you were placed in that situation you’d like to think you would make the right choice. All that being said I don’t think you will miss anything if you don’t ever watch this film, nothing we haven’t seen before really in terms of breakdowns and also mixed in with teenage problems.

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