7 Snow Films!

With the current weather being so cold and the threat (or maybe you actually have some) of snow is a daily occurrence. I live in the North East of England and we have been pretty let off with it so far only the odd downpours but not actually lying on the ground I thought I would quickly put together a list of films which have quite a lot of snow in them!

I have tried to mix some obvious choices with some you might not expect!


Stallone. Wearing a t-shirt climbing the snow-covered mountains. Nothing more needs to be said!

The Day After Tomorrow 

If you don’t feel cold before watching this one you will after. Totally a guilty pleasure of mine, the effects are very good!


No I won’t let it go. Yes I went there, but had to include this one as the most recent snow filled adventure.

Cool Runnings

Four Jamaicans who have never even seen snow before are going to be the first bobsleigh team.

Chalet Girl

This is a cute film and involves snowboarding. Oh and Bill Nighy is in it too!

The Polar Express

A very snowy Christmas Eve as the children whose belief is fading visit the North Pole.

It’s A Wonderful Life

George Bailey running through the snow realising that maybe it is a wonderful life after all.

Which snow filled films would you pick? 

35 thoughts on “7 Snow Films!

    • I still haven’t seen that (yes I know the shame). Especially as they were talking about that film on the radio yesterday, due to if it was sunny on 2nd Feb we would have a 6 week winter? I think thats right lol


  1. Dead Snow if you like horror, Snow Dogs would be my family film pick and avoiding Christmas films, Wind Chill i think was a good thriller with Emily Blunt, and finally Frozen the Shawn Ashmore thriller where three friends get stuck on a ski lift

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  2. Nice picks. Some others: The Ice Harvest (dark comedy about bad guys fleeing from other bad guys starring John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, and Randy Quaid among others), Fargo, Dead Snow, Deadfall (underrated crime thriller starring Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Sissy Spacek, and Kris Kristofferson).

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  3. great list. think i’d add Empire Strikes Back, Fargo and Die Hard 2, not to mention Serendipity, Groundhog Day and Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    glad you had cliffhanger here. havent seen that in years.

    Never saw Chalet girl

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  4. Great picks! I immediately think of Frozen, and of course there’s gotta be a few Bond flicks set in a snowy setting, i.e. For Your Eyes Only & The Spy Who Loved Me opening ski chase 😀

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