Million Dollar Arm (2014) Review

A sports agent who is struggling to keep his business going when he has no clients left. Until an idea is born to head to India and transform Cricket players into Baseball players.

This really is a heart-warming story of JB who is down and out with his sports agency business as his clients have left and he struggles to make any new deals to keep everything going. When an idea is suddenly born after talking to his colleague who mentions cricket and how good a sport it is. When watching TV he comes up with an idea for a new talent contest. While changing his TV between Britain’s Got Talent and a Cricket game, his idea is born.

That idea is to hold a contest in India, for cricket players. He claims if they can bowl the ball in cricket that quick that they can then be trained to pitch in Baseball. Which may seem like a totally off the wall idea it quickly becomes a reality when they get a backer to support the project. This sees JB head out to India. During his time there in a totally different culture he changes as a person and his relationship over Skype with his neighbour Brenda is something to watch out for as well.

JB lives the life of a bachelor has a sports car and impressive apartment. But nothing else on the relationship front. The culture shock and changes three young athletes who he brings over to the US for a chance to sign for a Major League Baseball team. Taking four people out of India for the first time and brining them to the US creates some very amusing scenes, but also makes sense as well. They have never seen some of these things before. It makes you wonder how you would react being somewhere totally different.

I luckily got to see this film on the plane travelling from Holland to Africa a couple of weeks ago not even realising that it hadn’t been released in the UK yet. So a nice little preview in that sense. It really does have so many incredible messages attached to it and you cannot help wanting to see everyone succeed. It will make you smile, laugh and even bring a tear to your eye as well. It is filled with so many different emotions and to think it is based on a true story as well.

I would really recommend this film and say it is one of my favourite of this year so far, it really does just offer so many things you can enjoy. It helps to show that the power of sport really can change lives for the better. It can help you grow and it can take you to totally different places yet people will still just get what it’s all about. In this story thinking about taking players from one sport and being able to train them in another sport.

So go and see Million Dollar Arm and see how sport really can change lives!

8 thoughts on “Million Dollar Arm (2014) Review

  1. Good review. A bit too earnest for its own good. Because even if one’s heart can be in the right place, it still has to feel genuine and riveting, and this just had none of that.


    • I can understand where your coming from with that. But I throughly enjoyed it, I was on a plane for over 12 and a half hours as well mind! haha


  2. I haven’t seen Million Dollar Arm yet, but I’m tempted to see what Jon Hamm is like outside of Mad Men. The idea reminds me a little bit of the movie The Family Man with Nicolas Cage – taking a rich, self-centered guy out of his world and inserting him in a place where he changes in the process. Nice review!


    • I would recommend it, I’ve never seen Mad Men but have seen Jon Hamm in a few films and this is my favourite performance of his so far. It really has such a heart and based on a true story as well.


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