Cowboys & Aliens (2011) Review

A film which appears to be a normal Western/Cowboy film is not as it first appears when a spacecraft is spotted with Alien’s taking away people from different small towns.

Before heading to the cinema to see this film on its UK release last Friday I wasn’t really looking forward to it. As was expecting it to be way over the top and didn’t think the trailers really painted it in a very good light. So I was not expecting to like or even enjoy this film, despite my love for Daniel Craig. However, it left me pleasantly surprised the aliens and the attacks were not too over the top.

The storyline wasn’t too bad either, it took the pace of a western as well. With the added battles with the aliens. Even having Cowboys and Indians forming an alliance to fight against the aliens in order to save the people they took from their towns and villages.

Jake Lonergan (Craig) is the main character who’s story we find out over the course of the film. As he cannot remember what happened to him and why he has a very strange bracelet on his arm. We are shown in flashback form when he begins to remember what exactly happened to him and why he was a wanted man. I think this adds more depth to the story as it does keep us guessing throughout.

Woodrow Dolarhyde (Ford) is one of the men who was after Jake, and ruled over a town but the stakes changed for him as well when his son was taken by an alien. This makes him form an alliance with Jake in order to rescue his son and the other people taken from that town.

I can imagine that the title of the film has put a lot of people off going to see it as it is a very random title. At the screening I went to a lot of the audience members were quite old, is that possibly with it being a western type film? I guess that is quite difficult to say. But it was a Friday night and not the usual audience we see at the late showing at our cinema.

My love for Daniel Craig probably gave this film an extra chance as lets face it I really do enjoy watching him on the big screen! Harrison Ford in what was his 40th film took a good part as always. I hope people give this film a chance as it really is much better than you will expect it to be!

One thought on “Cowboys & Aliens (2011) Review

  1. Feels like a flick that was poked, tweaked, reformatted and re-edited at least a dozen times. But there is still some deal of fun to be had here, this just shouldn’t have taken itself so seriously. Good Review Caz!


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