Conan the Barbarian (2011) Review

The story of a young boy’s adventure to life trying to get vengeance for his father’s killer, along with the men who wiped out his village.

I went to see this film on Monday night at a Cineworld Unlimited card holders only screening. So we had a slight advanced preview and it was the 2D version not the 3D version. I found the film to be rather graphic in terms of the blood spurting around in the fight scenes. However, talking about the film afterwards a friend pointed out that was probably for the 3D version of the film to add the effects a bit more.

The story-line of the film was not very complicated mainly because it didn’t really have much of a story. We get to see Conan as he journey’s to find the man who killed his father, pretty much killing those who got in his way. We see him free slaves and help people, but all for that motive that they are kind of linked to the man he seeks to kill.

Along the way we see him find a love interest who also is linked to Khalar who seeks the young girl as she is pure blood and believes that having her blood will help bring his witch wife back to life. The witch daughter is also very strange and I actually found myself laughing quite a few times when she was on the screen.

I really did try to give this film a good chance, but the lack of story line made me want the ending to come faster. Especially when it was appearing obvious what the outcome was going to be. Some of the fight/battle scenes were rather impressive. The start of the film was right in the middle of the battle, as we see Conan is a battle born baby . . . a little look into what is to come for him. He was born in battle and that is pretty much what his life would become.

I can imagine that quite a lot of people are going to be left disappointed with this film, as it really doesn’t go anywhere.

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