The King’s Speech (2010) Review

The King’s Speech has been very well talked about in the build up to its release due to Colin Firth already picking up awards left right and center. Anything about the Royal Family with high-profile actors always seem to do well with audiences.

The story is around Prince Albert who was second in line to the throne and would go on to become King George VI after his brother abdicated the throne to be with a woman. Everyone has heard about Edward and Mrs Simpson! I think that is something which adds to this story, as that is not the main focus. We focus on Bertie and his fight against a speech impediment of a stammer. How difficult he found public speaking and how he had to get over that to become King.

We see Bertie having a lot of difference advice on how to get over his stammer and manage to give speeches. Lionel Logue (Rush) with unconventional methods manages to help Bertie, even though his bad-tempered manner prevented Lionel from helping him at times.

Seeing someone having to deal with a stammer, helped show how frustrating and difficult it must be for that person. Especially when that said person must deliver public speeches, not only for a job but because of who he was born to be. Having to do Royal duties and fulfill public wishes on tours and especially the timing of these events when the second world war had started.

The performances in this film from the three main actors, those being Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter are all just fantastic. They all work very well together and help create the believable relationships. Colin Firth seems to go from strength to strength with the roles he has chosen over the last few years. Showing what he can really do as an actor, I wouldn’t be surprised if he picks up the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in this film. Helena Bonham Carter really can play anyone and be brilliant at it. As the Queen Mother (as most of us will remember he as) and how upper class was just fantastic.

I really did enjoy this film, I have always loved the history of the Royal Family and this was no different. It really does deserve all of the positive buzz around the film. Oscars? I think it will be nominated for a lot, and win a few as well!

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