Trailer: The Crown (Season 2) Official!

Here we go the last few weeks before season 2 of The Crown will be available on Netflix. I throughly enjoyed season one and really looking forward to the next journey with season two. After the teaser trailer was released in August we now have this one showing plenty of problems for the Queen.

Are you a fan and looking forward to the second season?

The Crown (Season 1) Review


The Crown is a new drama from Netflix which is focused on Queen Elizabeth II. The first series takes a look at a young Elizabeth first getting married to Phillip and then becoming Queen after the death of her father. Having to balance her new role and her marriage is the key thing we are looking at in this series.


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The King’s Speech (2010) Posters

New posters for “The King’s Speech” seem to keep appearing every few days. While they are not very different from the previous to be released, different words are on them. It really is getting quite a lot of Oscar buzz, with early talk suggesting that it will be nominated for all the major awards. January release for the UK and I am really looking forward to it!

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The King’s Speech (2010) Trailers

This film has already been receiving 2011 Oscar Buzz. I do think it looks very good (yes I have always liked things about the Royal family). Colin Firth really has started to show what a fantastic actor he is over the past few years. I have seen two different trailers which are very similar but the second is my favorite!

Some men are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.