The Double (2011) Review

Paul Shepherdson was a retired CIA operative who was paired with Ben Geary a young FBI agent in attempt to unravel the mystery of a senator’s murder which all points togethers a Soviet assassin who has managed to escape the CIA for many years.


The Soviet operative is known as Cassius and has been investigated for many years by both the CIA and FBI. When the senator is assassinated this is when Shepherdson is brought back into play as he spent many years attempting to locate Cassius. Geary is a young man who is more than wanting to move up the ladder within the FBI and has quite the obsession with Cassius and has been studying things about him for a long time.

This is actually a rather difficult film to talk about in terms of the plot as it would contain a lot of spoilers due to the many twists and turns it takes throughout, although with some moments it doesn’t really take much to guess what is going to happen next. The action sequences are ok, but nothing spectacular.

I mean I would pretty much watch Richard Gere in anything and this CIA agent is certainly a lot different to his many other roles, so in that case he certainly went for it in terms of moving away from his standard type of roles. I guess watching this back now the late 00s and early 2010s we had a lot of Topher Grace pushing for that next stage of his career and having leading film roles but nothing ever really got him to that next level. Maybe the issue was that even across different genres he always felt like the same character? Maybe a curse of trying to jump from a successful TV series to film just didn’t work for him?

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