Defiance (2008) Review

The story of Jewish brothers Bielski who battle to survive in Nazi occupied Eastern Europe and must escape to the Belarusian forests where they join with Russian resistance fighters and build a village to protect themselves and other Jewish people.


Led by Tuvia Bielski and a fight for leadership with Zus Bielski would put the whole village at risk, while trying to protect Asael and Aron. Trying to keep everyone on side and the battle to survive would push them all to lengths they never thought would be possible. Having to deal with so much loss, death and difficult decisions makes it for a very interesting story.

They do their very best to protect so many women, men and children who cannot fight for themselves. It’s always inspiring to see stories like this based on true and actual events, which really makes you think about how it was so tough for them to live through this and never know if they would actually wake back up when going to sleep. When they would be discovered and either killed or taken to concentration camps.

It’s good to see the fight back from the different groups as this is certainly not highlighted enough during the World War II struggles, especially for Jews. It’s actually a very important aspect to realise how many different groups were fighting against the Nazi’s even if they could not be completely visual.

I actually saw this film back on its cinema release (yes, thanks to my Daniel Craig fandom) and I am sure I have watched it a couple of times since then. Having a rewatch made me realise that while the main story is powerful the film fails to reach the heights it should for the subject manner. The performances are decent enough with Daniel Craig showing another side to his acting ability. Working very impressively with both Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell, all three of them forming good enough bonds. I also love the performance from a very young George MacKay, I had actually forgot that he was the youngest brother!

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