9/11: Inside the President’s War Room (2021) Review

9/11 from the President’s perspective and everything that he did during that day and the decisions he had to make on the World Trade Center’s attack and how far this would then travel across America and the world.


If you were alive when the terrorist attack took place on the World Trade Center and Washington, you will remember exactly when you found out the fateful events on Tuesday 11th September 2001.

This documentary is twenty years after that fateful event which not only shook the US to its core but the whole world and changed so many different things and in particular safety around flying. We get to see first hand the impact this had on President George W. Bush and his staff as they had to respond very quickly and decide what was best to do to try and protect as many people as possible.

When the first plane hit the first tower, nothing was really thought about it being a terrorist attack and they thought it was just a freak accident with the pilot possibly suffering a heart attack and it being a totally different type of disaster to what it then quickly was revealed to be. President Bush was actually in Florida and in a school listening to children read when he was informed a second plane had hit the second tower, this ultimately confirming that it was indeed a terrorist act. He could not show any instant panic and let the children finish reading before leaving and as President he stated that he had to remain as calm as possible for the people.

That was something I had never really given much thought to before, despite being President he was just first and foremost a person who was truly shocked and saddened by it all yet he had to be strong and do all he could for his people. After the planes hit and then reports that others were not on the correct flight patterns it was a true panic of what might happen next, then another went in on the Pentagon another was thought to be headed for the White House. United 93.

With the President and his staff getting aboard Air Force One it was then a debate on where they could safely go and quite frankly the pilot not then feeling safe with who might be on this plane was actually rather terrifying to hear. Another aspect that I had never really thought about until watching this documentary. It certainly improved by respect for Bush as no one had ever had to deal with terrorism to this extend in the US and the frightening footage coming live from New York was horrifying, most people say live the second plane hit into the building as after the first it was assumed an accident.

Even watching the different footage now it still well and truly breaks my heart how many people were just going about their daily life and starting work that day when it would never really be the same again. New York City one of the most vibrant in the world was brought to a total standstill. The footage of people being utterly shocked with what they had witnessed is as harrowing as ever and even now it is still so difficult to accept it happened!

Having this documentary with President Bush really explaining it from his point of view and his staff being involved as well was quite a nice touch in terms of a remembrance for all the people who died that day, the brave men and women as part of the emergency services who went into buildings to save others and did not make it back out. 20 years later it is something that we will never be able to forget but we most always remember the families who lost someone special to them on 9/11.

5 thoughts on “9/11: Inside the President’s War Room (2021) Review

  1. I remember that day as it was intense and shocking as I was dropping my sister at high school while I was on my way to college as classes got cancelled as students were just going nuts. I then went to Best Buy wanting to find the new Bob Dylan album at the time but I was watching the TV like everyone else. Then I went to my local used music store (which I like to hang out at back then) as they were just in shock. I went home and my mom and my youngest sister were watching the TV as we were all stunned.

    I hated Bush back then because he was a moron but now I feel sorry for him for not just being clueless but also was surrounded by people who really took advantage of him as he ended up with a complicated legacy. I still would’ve loved to have 8 more years of Bush than the last 4 years from that fuckhead who lied about what happened that day while was more concerned about his stupid building (and it’s a shithole).

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    • It really has become one of those moments where people just remember when they first found out about it all.

      That’s really interesting about how its changed your opinion on Bush, obviously I’m not American so didn’t know everything about him or what he did. Just felt as though all the tv shows and films have always shown him in bad way and this documentary gave more facts rather than speculation.


      • He is kind of a moron but lately he’s been more outspoken about what America has become in the wake of… I’m not going to say that fucker’s name as I just flat out loathe him. Bush is right about domestic extremism as it is something people should watch out for. The next 9/11 in America definitely will be from us and yeah, we’re idiots. I don’t consider myself a leftists but I don’t have any love for the right either. I prefer to just not delve into politics.


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