Our Ladies (2019) Review

In 1996 a group of Catholic school girls from Fort William a town in the Scottish Highlands get the opportunity to go to Edinburgh for the day to take part in a choir competition, however this is the last thing they are interested in and more focused on drinking, partying and finding men to hook up with.


Manda, Chell, Finnoula, Orla and Kylah have been planning to go absolutely wild on the trip to Edinburgh for a very long time. Seemingly obsessed with finding men to have sex with and they don’t really seem too bothered on who those men will actually be. Then we throw in Kay who is head girl and ridiculed by the group for her good girl image. Although we do find out that things aren’t always as they seem with some revelations.

While on the surface the having sex part takes over a lot of the time as the girls are quite graphic and not really too bothered about the words they use when talking about sex. Each girl has different issues and problems that they but combat against on this trip and every day. It does make you think about to being a teenager and how things were before smartphones!

As we see Manda filling up a coke bottle with vodka ready for the trip you just know this is not going to be about a choir. Led by a nun from the Catholic school they attend and nickname condom, it was always going to be totally wild. Talking to a former classmate before leaving who was pregnant and then mentioning many more in their year group who had left to have a baby. I guess it just shows that they were all pretty much going for it!

It takes on the curiosity of exploring sexual awakening and also with that sexuality. Each girl is at a different stage in this and at times it is actually difficult to work out who is telling the truth when it comes to experience, how much of it is to sound better than they actually were. Orla probably has the strongest story having survived cancer and wants nothing more than for a man to be interested in her and lose her virginity.

The small town they are from is very different to the big city of Edinburgh and that certainly comes with many dangers especially when they are lying to get into clubs and pubs that are for 18s and over. I guess that does make for some rather difficult scenes when you think about the big picture of it all.

Kylah who has a fantastic singing voice is pretty much the only one of the group who has an actual dream of wanting to be a singer and making it in the band. She is also the lead singer for the choir, however working in Woolworths was where she was currently at as a weekend job. She actually seems a little bit more focused on the others of having a future rather than being fully obsessed with sex and men.

While I don’t particularly like the main story that runs through the whole film (I had a background on this as I have seen the stage show version). The individual issues from each character is done in a good manner and would allow a viewer to identify with at least one of the characters and what they are going through. However, I truly feel that this will be a very hit/miss film and that some people will love it and others will hate it.

The cast are pretty much unknown and that was probably a very good idea for this film in all honesty. Eve Austin, Tallulah Greive, Abigail Lawrie, Sally Messham, Rona Morison and Marli Siu were all fantastic in the individual roles as well as working together.

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