Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021) Review

AI G. Rhythm is a rogue artificial intelligence who kidnaps Don James the son of famous basketball player LeBron James who must then put together a team to play basketball and win to save his son.


LeBron James is pushing his two sons Darius and Dom into Basketball and encouraging them to practice constantly. This is not really something that Dom is interested in, he wants to design video games. LeBron has never really asked him how or what he is doing with it, although he had designed his own basketball game which had plenty of twists on the real game. Different tricks and skills to power up and score more points than an average game, he is very proud of how it is so far but his father pushes him towards basketball.

When LeBron has a meeting at Warner Bros he takes Dom with him, the ideas they present are to have him starring in all different films as himself and taking on pretty much everything and everyone. That was not really what he wanted and the idea was thought up by AI G Rhythm, to hear his ideas being rejected it was not something he wanted seeing LeBron as a King he takes his chance to lure in Dom and kidnaps him.

With LeBron chasing him he puts him to the Tune World and he has 24 hours to assemble a team to play in a basketball game. The only Tune character left was Bugs Bunny after everyone else had left him, he sees this as his chance to get them all back for the team despite LeBron wanting to pick different characters from across the Warner Bros world. The game was actually Dom’s game and he was to be a key player on the Goon Squad.

The film is very bizarre at times and it felt as though Warner Bros were doing everything possible to show as many of the characters they own by having them watching the basketball or used in the build up to picking the team. It was quite funny to see Pennywise standing at the side of the court I guess, and made for some time spotting the different characters albeit rather odd and leaving you to wonder why they still used the Tune characters (other than it being a throwback to the 90s film) when it could have been pushed to a new and better level.

The 90s film still holds a rather special place in my heart and I really did want to like this film, but it was rather lacklustre at times and just didn’t really work out too well. I totally understand that they had to make a lot of changes to have a slightly different approach to the original film as it could not be a carbon copy at all, but the inside a computer system just didn’t work for me I felt it could have been done in a better way.

I am sure it will still be quite a big hit for kids and they can probably relate to different parts of it a lot more, which is probably more of the point right? I certainly think so, throwing in the different characters was probably used to engage them more.

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