Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021) Review

Six people are brought together and trapped inside a subway train only to realise it is happening to them again, they had all won or should that be survived the escape room experience. With Zoey Davis leading them through the new challenges, she had never given up trying to prove what had happened to her.


I would say that Escape Room 2 or Tournament of Champions picks up where the first left off but I very quickly realised that I could not really remember very much if anything about the first film. Probably should have thought about that a little bit more before going to see this sequel, however I did not really like the first one but did this as a double feature with friends.

Zoey was still friends with Ben Miller who she also managed to save during their Escape Room experience, she is seeing a shrink who does not really believe what happened to her. Continuing her battle she convinces Ben to going to New York with her to uncover the truth of a building they had been monitoring.

When they arrive around this building a man appears and asks for help and steals her bag, a chase leads them to the subway and when they end up on a particular carriage everything begins to look suspicious and strange. The other four people who are trapped start to freak out as the carriage they were all on is separated from the rest of the train. This is actually where I thought this film could be rather interesting, using the subway car as the first “room” to escape from was actually pretty impressive with the different clues they had to work out.

It quickly fell apart from that moment though and each new “room” got worse and worse. Some even felt familiar so very similar to that of the first film in terms of moving from the different places. Again we do not really have much character development or background to actually care about any of the characters, although I guess we are supposed to be rooting for Zoey and Ben? As I mentioned earlier I couldn’t really remember anything about the first film, even that she had saved him to begin with so I actually felt a little bit lost at the start of this one. I am pretty sure that this is just as easy to forget as the first.

Another issue is that the film especially in the final scenes tries to be very clever, maybe even too clever for itself? But anyway that really finished me off after the mindless torture and crazy “rooms” which pretty much sees someone die in each of them. I’d say spoiler alert for that but it is what people are expecting right? Jumping on the popularity of people going to escape rooms could have been such an amazing idea for these films and yet it has gone wrong twice now, although I am sure we will get a third film as well.

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