King Kong (2005) Review

When Carl Denham’s latest film project is about to be pulled he ensures that something will be filmed getting his cast and crew on a boat to travel to Skull Island, but they are about to encounter more than just the natives.


Back in 2005 and being a huge Lord of the Rings fan, I can still remember the excitement of seeing Peter Jackson’s King Kong on the big screen at the cinema. It has been many years since my last viewing and in the build up to the release of Godzilla vs Kong I eventually watched this version again. It was everything I could remember and maybe more, although the 3 hours and 7 minutes running time was something that meant I had to watch it over two nights.

Carl Denham had just been told that his latest movie would not be happening and goes against the film company by quickly assembling his cast and crew on a boat while finding a new leading lady Ann Darrow, who had just lost her own job. So it worked out as perfect timing for her to now land a film. Denham did not actually tell anyone about what was happening and just managed to set sail on the boat before being stopped. Trapping writer Jack Driscoll on board to continue writing the script.

Skull Island was not exactly what they were expecting and disturbing the natives as they arrived lead to some horrific consequences for some of the crew with rather brutal deaths. That was not even going to be the worst thing though when a truly ginormous Gorilla lived on the island, Kong and he took a liking to Ann Darrow. This created some amazing scenes and the one where he has her perform and pushes her over is quite frankly hilarious. Denham creating something totally different with many more creatures on the island. The plan to then capture Kong and return him with the to New York for a very different theatre experience. The Empire State Building plays a big part in the final scene and that was something that is always enjoyable to watch.

Bringing Kong to life in a very different way was only ever going to be a job for Andy Serkis after his turn as Gollum and the use of CGI to create amazing characters in a very good manner. The fact that he is getting the emotion through for Kong was truly outstanding to watch, even more so now with more CGI in films but not with the same range of emotion. Naomi Watts, Jack Black and Adrien Brody in the more leading roles all work well as individuals and together which was rather essential to care about the characters. Watts as pretty much the only female character in the film had a lot to do on her own but she is a joy to watch. Black in a more serious role yet still manages to break the ice with his charm and I think he is actually underrated in this film as everyone just thinks of his comedy factor. Adrien Brody as a brooding writing is just perfect casting right?

I throughly enjoyed watching this film again and really do think Peter Jackson manages to create very different worlds that we like to get lost completely in.

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