Golden Arm (2020) Review

Danny is a tough lady trucker who trains her friend Melanie to compete in the National Ladies Arm Wrestling Championship after she has her arm broken in the build up to the competition.


A female centred film that is around a sport was something I really thought I was going to enjoy and like. However, it turned into a crass and rather horrendous experience. I know what you are probably wondering, why did I then actually watch it all? Well, it wasn’t really that long and I guess I wanted to check the ending was going to be how I expected it to be.

I’m sorry to say but Betsy Sodaro was my main issue with the whole film as I truly just hated her performance and the character of Danny who was not likeable even a tiny little bit. She was just a horrible person and not really a good friend at all to Melanie, who was actually likeable and relatable. So it could have worked out rather differently.

The world of Ladies Arm Wrestling and heading into the Championships was built up like any other sport in terms of the competitive nature and how that can really push people to the limits. Unfortunately though the fact that it is arm wrestling then leads to many issues, I actually felt the same way about Over the Top which is a Stallone film around the same sport (watched that not too long ago).

In terms of trying to push forward not only female centred films but sport as well it is such a shame that this could not have been done in a better manner. We need to see female sport on screen more in film and that could easily have an impact on actual female sport which is still very under-watched compared to male sports.

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