King Kong (2005) Review

When Carl Denham’s latest film project is about to be pulled he ensures that something will be filmed getting his cast and crew on a boat to travel to Skull Island, but they are about to encounter more than just the natives.


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The Film That Started It All Blogathon!


Here we go the weekend is upon us!

The Film That Started It All Blogathon! Keep checking back as I add the links to the blog posts for everyone who is taking part! So either comment below with your link, or send via twitter!

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News: King Kong To Roar Again At Universal

Oooo I think that sounds like it would be really cool 🙂

Bosses at Los Angeles movie landmark Universal Studios are to rebuild the King Kong tourist attraction that was destroyed in a 2008 fire which briefly closed the themepark.

The blaze claimed a handful of sets familiar to backlot tour visitors, but the New York street scene, housed in a hangar, was the most famous victim of the fire, which was sparked by company employees using blowtorches to apply roof shingles.

The studio tour was briefly closed but has since been reconfigured to avoid the worst hit fire damaged areas.

And now Universal bosses plan to rebuild the King Kong set ready for a grand re-opening next summer, as part of a digitally upgraded backlot tour.

Universal Studios publicist Audrey Eig says, “King Kong has been an integral part of the studio tour for years. We are happy to be able to bring him back. No one can destroy the great ape.”

The set originally opened in 1986 and has become one of the themepark’s most famous attractions. The new-look King Kong set will be based on that of the 2005 film, which starred Jack Black and Naomi Watts.