White Men Can’t Jump (1992) Review

Billy Hoyle is a former college basketball player who has been making money hustling streetballers who assume he is not very good because he is white. Sidney Deane is about to meet his match and then new hustling partner!


White Men Can’t Jump is an utterly fantastic film, extremely entertaining, funny and more importantly it has a very good heart at its core. I make no secret for my love towards sports films so the fact that I had never seen this until now is quite utterly terrible!

A slightly different take on sport and basketball as we are used to seeing more high school based or even higher than that on film, whereas this one takes us to the streets and those with so much talent mainly playing in 2v2 games and doing shooting challenges all money based. That is where Billy Hoyle uses his looks to in a way trick the other players as they just assume he is not very good given his skin colour of white, that is something that works in his favour as he never lies about not being able to play they all just assume. Sidney Deane is cocky, over the top and thinks he is unbeatable, until of course he plays Hoyle. From that moment on everything would change as they would then hustle together.

The way they do it is quite frankly fantastic with Deane making his mouth go and letting his opponent pick a team mate for him and you guessed it they pick Hoyle each and every time and they win a lot! Although on a couple of occasions it does not work out in the best way for them. Even allowing Deane’s wife Rhonda and Hoyle’s girlfriend Gloria Clemente get involved. That was not what they wanted really but they do keep them in check a little bit anyway.

Something they did not reveal was owing a lot of money and attempting to hide out from the men that Hoyle was in massive debt with, attempting to make this money back. As well as Gloria wanting to be on tv quiz show Jeopardy. That along with the 2v2 tournament that Hoyle and Deane were going to win it would all work out right? Well, not really when Deane calls out that Hoyle can’t dunk, why? Because white men can’t jump!

Don’t you love it in a film when the title of the film is a quote within the film? I am sure I am not the only one, but that is why the film has its name claiming that white men just can’t jump and make the dunks. From that money on and Hoyle really messing up big time I had a feeling how the ending would go with the basketball playing and do you know what? I didn’t even care that I could see how it was going to end as it was just so much damn fun from start to finish.

I really did love this one and I felt as though this is the very best I have seen from Wesley Snipes, everything about his performance was utterly amazing and the physical shape he was in for the role as well was on another level. Then you throw in Woody Harrelson alongside Snipes and as a duo they work so tremendously well together and that is so satisfying. He offers an amazing balance to the film as they bounce off each other. The scene where he will not shut up as he is shouting at the biggest rivals is great. Tyra Ferrell and Rosie Perez were both good in support even if the latter is very irritating with the complaining. That works for the film though and I really thought it was such a great ride!

3 thoughts on “White Men Can’t Jump (1992) Review

    • Bump it to the top of your list! Seriously so good I wish I’d watched it years ago, I originally gave it 4 stars but after all the gushing and love in the review I changed to 5 stars.

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