Top 10 – Films I Caught Up With in 2021!

I actually really enjoy putting this “caught up with” list together each year (ok most years) mainly because I know people will wonder how I got to that year without seeing some truly classic and quite frankly outstanding films! While I call it a top 10, its not put in any particular order and has been filtered down from 40 that I thought were worthy to be included in the long list!

Prepare to be utterly amazed with some of my first time viewings in 2021 …

King Kong (1933) Review

Sometimes it is really difficult to watch an old film especially from the 1930s but I couldn’t believe how incredible some of the scenes looked in this film and having to remind myself it was released in 1933, can you even begin to imagine how utterly outstanding this must have been to watch back then! Nothing was like it at all.

Another Time, Another Place (1958) Review

I will admit that I hadn’t even heard of this one which is actually one of Sean Connery’s early film roles, they state introducing in the opening titles but he had been in films before. I thought it had a rather risky storyline but adding in Glynis Jones was a bonus for first time viewing.

West Side Story (1961) Review

I know, I know. I love musicals and I love films and therefore I adore film musicals but for whatever reason I had never actually seen this one before! I knew the majority of the songs which are some of the best in musical theatre history that is for sure. To eventually see them within the story was very powerful with some fantastic performances.

The French Connection (1971) Review

Seriously though Gene Hackman is one of the greatest actors of all time isn’t he! What an intense ride this film is from start to finish, good old “cat and mouse” chasing is so great to watch.

Network (1976) Review

I had heard all about that mad as hell speech and quite frankly watching this film for the first time in 2021, after the awful 2020 year and then that one felt as though it was current and for a film that was released in 1976 its quite scary that so many things are still the same and that while at the time was marketed as a satire it managed to predict the future in terms of television and media. Outstanding.

The Fly (1986) Review

My absolute god, this film completely and utterly freaked me well and truly out! Finding a gif that wouldn’t scare everyone reading this post was very difficult, search for them on Google if you are feeling brave! So disturbing but it was also a great watch at the same time, think it gave me a few nights of nightmares mind! 😂

White Men Can’t Jump (1992) Review

Now this is an utterly fun film, Snipes and Harrelson are the perfect duo together and the film sends some really inspirational messages as well!

Schindler’s List (1993) Review

Taking so long to watch this one was more fear of the subject matter and I cannot deny that, I had been trying for years to watch as I had heard how truly incredible it was. The performances are utterly breathtaking and it was great to remember just how good Liam Neeson is as an actor. Masterpiece of filmmaking from Spielberg.

L.A. Confidential (1997) Review

I think I have owned this one on DVD for about 15 years at least now and eventually during one of the many lockdowns watched it and was truly blown away by the acting and the stories. It really was so very good!

Donnie Darko (2001) Review

I know, another I actually owned for many years and never actually watched it. Maybe I thought it was more of a horror film and was a little bit scared? Who even knows, but I tell you what this one broke my twitter feed when people found out it was going to be my first time viewing.

Which films did you watch for the very first time in 2021 and your pleased you eventually caught up with it?

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