Another Time, Another Place (1958) Review

Sara Scott an American war correspondent falls in love with Mark Trevor a BBC reporter and everything seems to be working so well between the pair. Showing that war could well and truly bring people together, although Mark forgotten to mention one important factor he was actually married with a son!


Another Time, Another Place is a truly dramatic film that makes you wonder how many relationships like this one happening during wars. This one is during the last year of the Second World War. Sara was in London working as is torn between marrying her rich American boss or the young British reporter Mark, but her decision would be made for her when she finds out he was already married with a son back in his hometown of Cornwall. I guess we should really hate Mark for lying to her as she really had no idea at all.

Tragedy would strike, so much so that even until the end of the film I didn’t want to believe it was true. As the war is coming to an end Mark is killed in a plane crash, yes really I was totally shocked by this. Sending Sara into mourning and not being able to deal with her grief, she is eventually convinced to return to the US on a ship back to New York. Before doing this she decides to visit Mark’s hometown of Cornwall. It did not take very long before she met Kay Trevor the young widow of Mark along with their son Brian.

Ending up staying with them both for a while she is unsure or not whether to tell her the truth and that she had been in love with her husband. The tension certainly builds as we wonder not if but when Kay will find out as it was impossible for everything to be kept so secret. That certainly creates for some fantastic scenes that is for sure, I seriously thought Mark was going to be there or show up and for it all to well and truly erupt.

Considering the talk about female characters in film and being lack of good characters and roles over the years I am now considering this as a hidden gem from the past. I had never heard of it before and recorded it from Talking Pictures after spotting Sean Connery and Glynis Johns listed as starring in it. What I wasn’t expecting was to be truly blown away by Lana Turner, who is just fantastic in the leading role.

At the beginning of the film in the credits it states introducing Sean Connery, this was one of his first bigger roles and you have to say that his charm and charisma are evident from this very early role. Albeit not the biggest of roles but still very effective. Glynis Johns aka Mrs Banks in Mary Poppins is absolutely brilliant as well, always good to catch up with other performances from someone you have watched so many times in one film. The scenes between Johns and Turner are so incredible and in the end intense making you really be on the edge of your seat and feel conflicted about how the two women are feeling.

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