Euphoria (2017) Review

Ines has met up with her sister Emilie and they travel around Europe to a mystery destination. Emilie does not want to tell Ines that it is to a facility where she plans to end her own life due to inoperable cancer.


We quickly find out that the sisters have not got along with one another for many years now and in particular Ines holds a lot against Emilie. So to suddenly find out that not only has she been suffering with cancer for years but she also plans to end her own life that weekend was a lot to take. The meaningless conversations as they rehash the past were not really going to benefit either of them.

Considering I watched this the day after Blackbird, without realising what this was actually about. It was a very heavy two days of film watching, both taking on that very difficult subject matter of being able to choose when you could actually die. That is something that we have seen a lot more in films recently. This one looking at a facility and how quite a lot of people have ended up staying after a loved one decided to end their life due to a lot of pain.

The problem with Euphoria is that the main characters aren’t particularly nice and a conversation about a threesome was not pleasant at all. A needless way to have Alicia Vikander to use the c word in my opinion. But I guess it tried its very best to be shocking in that sense. It didn’t work personally for me and even Emilie was not really very likeable. I am going to blame this on the lack of depth for each individual character.

The characters that had more about them were Mr. Daren a man who was at the facility to end his life and he was much more interesting than the two sisters. As well as Marina who now worked and helped out at the place. Both of these characters had more background and would have been better to explore in my personal opinion.

When I saw that Eva Green and Alicia Vikander were the leads I really was expecting something very special. Its just a massive shame that was not to be the case and the talented pair were not left with very much to work with it all. Charles Dance was the ultimate scene stealer and I kept hoping his character would come back as he was easily the best thing about this very disappointing film.

A tricky subject matter that could have been handled and approach in a better way mainly by actually having the two main characters who you could either like or at the very least relate to, that was not something this nailed or got anywhere near. Sometimes when you have never heard of a film before watching it, that is for a very good reason.

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