A Very Nutty Christmas (2018) Review

Kate Holiday is a workaholic baker that has 15,000 cookie orders to complete before Christmas. Her own spirit for the holidays is completely killed when her boyfriend breaks up with her, something that she was not expecting at all.


Everything would quickly change though as she is waiting for a person to become her new housemate, Chip arrives. Who she mistakes for this person. Considering he was already inside her house I guess that made sense. Although the truth was actually magic taking place and the nutcracker figure she was given by a German man at the market actually came to life.

The little bit of magic from Chip helps Kate with everything in her life. Even giving her the opportunity to feel love again. Or even better than what she felt was love with her boyfriend who we quickly see to be a complete waste of space. So when Chip arrives he just seems too perfect even though he technically is not real, considering his need for getting into the Nutcracker production. Her co-workers offer some good support and creates some nice moments. Also all the baking of the amazing cookies makes me wish that I could make them like that!

In terms of Cheesy Christmas films this is one I have found myself enjoying the most of the ones I have watched over the year. It has plenty going for it and that is something that I throughly enjoyed. We all wish magic was real don’t we and that it could change things for the better. But it doesn’t in reality so we have to watch it in films that will then fill us with happiness. This certainly ticks all of the boxes for what we want and need in this very special genre, I have decided they are in their own genre!

Melissa Joan Hart being one of my favourites from childhood/teen years thanks to Sabrina the Teenage Witch makes me easily pick her films to watch. She has done quite a few of this type in recent year and I find watching her to be very relaxing and a nice throwback feeling to the Sabrina years. Lets face it as well though she has hardly aged at all!

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