Schitt’s Creek (Seasons 1-6) review

When super rich video store owner Johnny Rose and his family suddenly become broke they must regroup in a place called Schitt’s Creek, a town they bought many years before as a joke!


Schitt’s Creek is quite frankly one of the best comedy TV shows that I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Yes, I am really going full on out there with the very first line of this review. Because quite frankly it more than deserves that. I probably won’t even be able to do this show justice but I am certainly going to try and gush about as many things as possible about this truly magnificent and wonderful show.

Created by father son duo Eugene and Dan Levy as they both worked on the project together in creating and writing the six seasons. Something that just makes it all even better right? I mean getting to collaborate on a show that became such a huge success. Even though I know I am rather late to the party considering it first started in 2015 and finished this year 2020. I had stupidly overlooked it many times on Netflix but on hearing its sweep of the Emmy’s this year I decided to eventually have a journey to Schitt’s Creek!

I often prefer to watch this type of comedy series in that manner and not having to wait for any new episodes is always a bonus. Another massive positive is that they finished on a big high when it was still hugely popular but 100% the correct decision as it has the most perfect of endings. Which of course I will not spoil, but have to mention that you will never be disappointed with any episode or series within the six seasons.

Johnny Rose and his wife Moria who was a former soap TV star have to adapt to a new life with hardly anything as they live in a motel in the town they bought as a massive joke due to its name Schitt’s Creek. Her over the top presence and hilarious attempt to over pronounce every single word is the best. They then have with them David and Alexis who have always relied on the money from their parents to live extravagant lifestyles. Now that all of that has been taken away the pair behave like teenagers and don’t really know much about the working world and how to make any money.

All of these aspects make for fantastic viewing as Johnny still believes he is a good businessman and that one day he will make it to the top again. With the family moving into the motel which is ran by Stevie Budd, a very realistic woman who does not have massive ambitions but eventually goes into business with Johnny. That is certainly a hidden gem of a relationship within all the different storylines. Roland Schitt is mayor of the town and along with his wife Joelyn are more central characters. Along with Twyla Sands who works in the local cafe and then Ted Mullens who is a big relationship for Alexis and Patrick for David.

I would personally say that the show is rather groundbreaking especially when it comes to the character of David. He is pansexual which is certainly something I don’t remember coming across on screen before, at least not in a big way like in this show. The wine analogy that he uses to explain this is very powerful. Then finding out how much David has helped viewers to accept their own sexuality and come out to family and friends is truly outstanding. Dan Levy deserves so much credit for not only creating this character but for also bringing David to life with his inspired performance, taking things to a new level and I totally feel that not wanting to be around people part.

The character development for all four of our main Rose characters is something that is outstanding. They all take badly to the situation of no money and having nothing after having more than everything you could ever need. A total shock to the system and having to come back down to earth with the biggest crash. Seeing them develop over the time spent in Schitt’s Creek is rather reassuring that situations can change people for the better. Each of them learn so many things from it and show amazing growth.

Alexis probably the most out of all of them when she eventually finds something she is good at and stops thinking that she must always have a man and chase them around. constantly. Especially when we hear about her past mistakes, we want nothing more for her than to be happy and whether or not that includes a man in the end did not actually matter at all. Annie Murphy was fantastic in this role, as in all honesty I wasn’t the biggest Alexis fan in the beginning but I think that was part of the point as she wins the viewers over as well.

Moria is on another level though isn’t she, I’m pretty sure that I would laugh every single time she spoke! Catherine O’Hara was a true joy in this role and brought so much comedy just with her over the top posh accent. ok bebe! Then we go into her wardrobe and wig collection which could then make you burst out laughing just by what she was wearing before she even had the chance to speak.

I think I may have just got away from Eugene Levy being Jim’s dad in the American Pie films now as he is firmly Johnny Rose. It’s not very often that we can say an actor with a small change to his facial expression can make you laugh as much as he does. He is a very funny man and that comes across ever so nicely in this role.

Emily Hampshire is certainly a scene stealer as well with Stevie and her very negative views on pretty much everything. Kinda feel that I more like her every single day. The impact the Rose family have on Stevie is something special to witness unfold though! Noah Reid as Patrick was one of my favourites as well, thought he was such a great character and an incredible match for David and Dan Levy to play opposite.

If you were stupid like me and never gave Schitt’s Creek a chance before, now is as good a time as any to get involved. I will offer and apology though that you won’t be able to stop watching it. Each episode flies by in minutes which is a huge compliment for just how good it is. I can really see myself watching this again very soon!

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