A New York Christmas Wedding (2020) Review

Jennifer Ortiz is approaching her wedding on Christmas Eve when she is visited by an angel and shown how her life could have been if things worked out differently, in an alternate reality . . .


This is one of those films were the trailer shows a completely different type of film to that you witness when watching the full thing. I was truly expecting more cheesy Christmas style rom-com. That is not what happens here, a combination of some truly terrible acting and time travel with an angel boasts an awful film.

The worst thing about it is that part of the storyline could have been perfect the LGBTQ representation in the alternate universe was something that if done in a better way could have been groundbreaking for a Christmas style film. However, it just didn’t work in anyway possible. As Jennifer is doubting her up and coming wedding to David Wilks and not happy about it being planned for Christmas Eve given her bad memories of that day.

It turned out that her childhood best friend who she was horrible to in the opening scene was her first true love. Something that slipped away when she refused to help her decorate the Christmas tree (yes really) so basically everything went around that fateful moment. A lot was mentioned around death as her friend died before being able to admit her feelings towards her and being jealous if her being with a man.

The issue is so many plot holes with moments attempting to shock. Although I do have to give credit for Father Kelly who was very accepting when it came to same sex couples within his church parish, this was shown and dealt with in a good manner. Again though this could have been even more powerful if other aspects of the story had been more impressive.

The angel is Azrael Gabison and that had one of the worst twists I have witnessed in a film. I am not even being over the top about that, it was a truly awful moment. Something that really did not need to happen. Angel’s within films don’t need to make sense do they? I personally didn’t think so. This leads nicely into the performances which were all very poor and it was clear to see that the film was very low budget as some of the camera angles were terrible as well. I won’t be recommending this one as it really was so far off any mark and couldn’t quite decide what it wanted to be. I personally think it would have a lot more hard hitting just taking out the Christmas aspect, and focusing more on the LGBTQ side.

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