Inheritance (2020) Review

When Archer Monroe very suddenly passes away as head of a very powerful family the interest is high in the inheritance left. Lauren is left with the big secret which could easily unravel the whole family.


Inheritance doesn’t really take too long to get into a hidden secret when Lauren is not left as much money as her brother and then a rather cryptic message left from her father about something buried underground. I had no idea that was going to lead to a man that was locked up in a bunker!

That man being Morgan Warner, but not the name he tells Lauren. He knows so much about her and uses this information against her. She is rightfully shocked to learn that her father had a man locked away like this for over thirty years. The story he tells her sounds believable enough and considering she does not have her father still around to actually ask any questions from.

She is the assistant district attorney and she does use this in a way to get information. But will that come through in enough time to save her from the decision she makes. Especially when her mother then finds out. The film attempts to have amazing twists and turns but it just lacks them overall. Especially with the ending where it pretty much just takes you think ah ok fair enough. It didn’t really make me shocked as I was more happy that the film was over.

The story just wasn’t really engaging enough and it seemed to take a very long time to get to the big reveal which was then all over with in seconds. It didn’t really build a lot of tension either which in all honesty was more of a shame than anything. Given the location of the bunker it could have been on another level in terms of thriller. So nothing spectacular but I am sure it will find an audience.

The performances from both Lily Collins and Simon Pegg are the reason I went for two stars instead of one. They both were impressive in the scenes together. The physical transformation for Pegg was visually something that was impressive to look at and in all honesty I didn’t even know he was in the film before I started watching it. I do believe it took me a few moments to realise it was him as well! This is a little bit of different role from Collins and I thought she held the lead in such a good way.

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