Emily in Paris (Season 1) Review

Emily Cooper had been living in Chicago with her boyfriend but she takes a transfer with her marketing firm in Paris despite not being able to speak French. Her social media Emily In Paris would quickly change everything.


Emily in Paris is a very easy watch over 10 episodes. Sometimes we just need a nice light tv series like this one. It’s by no means perfect and has so many faults but it does a job.

Emily is a last minute replacement to head to France when her boss finds out she is pregnant. Leaving her beloved Chicago behind she looks forward to a new challenge in Paris. Going long distance with her boyfriend that really does not last very long at all, something that was rather obvious from the beginning. She is not liked at all by her new co-workers considering she cannot speak any French at all, they just see her a dumb American. Instantly clashing with her new boss Sylvie Grateau.

It doesn’t really seem to then take very long for Emily to find many different men and not so much relationships but quite a bit of sex, which I suppose makes sense when this does come from the creators of Sex and the City. That was certainly something that drew my interest as I am a big fan of that show. Its by no means on the same level or anywhere near as a matter of fact.

Something it does very well is highlighting the power of social media and pokes fun at influencers. Making people realise that they often just do certain posts or things for the freebies that comes with the advertisement. That is something Emily tries not to get involved in but her EmilyInParis account grows very quickly as she adds many photos documenting her time in Paris.

In terms of relationships it has plenty of different styles and types within. the show. Some might just make you wonder and be shocked, especially when it comes to the nature of affairs or relationships. This was something that was culturally very different for Emily. That doesn’t stop the bad choices she makes and the fact that she keeps interest in Gabriel despite becoming friends with his girlfriend Camille.

We then get many different marketing campaigns along with fashion week thrown into the story. Not forgetting that the ending was certainly set up for a second season, a cliffhanger maybe? Well, I guess it was but nothing compared to other tv shows. More of a hint that we will get to see more from Emily’s time in Paris.

Lily Collins in the leading role was a particular highlight as I thought she was fantastic as Emily. Driving everything about the show forward and that was something that needed to be on top form. Her enthusiastic nature was probably the best thing about the character, nothing would knock her back or down. Ashley Park was very good in support as Mindy Chen and if Emily is our new Carrie than Mindy acts more like Samantha!

Not groundbreaking by any means but easily watchable and more importantly enjoyable. Despite some awful moments from well all the characters at some point, but aren’t we all a little bit awful in life at times? So I guess I can just claim that it was being more like real life in that sense.

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