Daylight (1996) Review


When an explosion causes disaster to strike in a New York City tunnel which connects Manhattan and New Jersey when it collapses at both sides and it will take a hero named Kit Latura to try and bring them to safety.


The tunnel collapse is caused by runaway robbers in a getaway car which hits a truck full of explosives. The survivors left in the weakened tunnel must try and figure out a way to escape, while Kit Latura is coming in from the other side and attempting to help save as many people as possible. Oh and not forgetting that the tunnel will quickly begin to fill up with water.

I do enjoy Stallone and a good action film, unfortunately this falls a little bit short to tick the box for a good action film. The main reason that I did not like it might sound a little bit trivial but the people trapped were really so annoying. Like I actually didn’t even want Stallone to try and save them because they were just all constantly shouting at each other. I am not saying that in this situation that wouldn’t happen but the only likeable character was George!

Another thing that excited me before watching the film was Viggo Mortensen but he does not have a very big role which was rather disappointing. It does manage to have some amusing moments though mixed in well with over the top stunts which gives it a couple of extra points in my rating. That is what we want from an action film after all, combining those features along with water was decent. A couple of high intensity moments were included as well, but just not enough for the film to hold for long in the memory.


3 thoughts on “Daylight (1996) Review

  1. I’d completely forgotten this existed until I came across it as a cover story for an old issue of Empire I was reading (don’t judge me, it’s how I live my life). It was, apparently, a big deal in the mid-nineties. So I watched it and felt pretty much as you did.

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  2. Haven’t seen this in years but I know I enjoyed this period of Stallone 90s actioners back when I was a teenager. I guess I’d think differently if I saw it again now.

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