Scoop (2006) Review


Sondra Pranksy is an American journalism student living in London and is given he chance for a huge scoop of a story. The problem? The information comes from Joe Strombel who died a couple of days before the first meeting. With help from Sid Waterman they get to know the suspect Peter Lyman and she falls in love with him!


When watching Sid Waterman who did magic tricks on stage Sondra was picked from the audience to join him on stage. When she is put into a box this is where she meets Joe Strombel, although at that time she had no idea that he was actually dead. The big scoop is the story he had been working on with the tarot card killer who had been raising havoc in London.

Waterman did not believe anything she said until he then saw Strombel and vowed to help her uncover the story. It becomes more difficult when Sondra lies about her name and then Waterman poses as her father. As she gets to know the very charming Peter Lyman she cannot accept that he is a serial killer. I felt that same way as Sondra he was so nice and charming surely he could not be that person?

The relationship between Sondra and Sid was actually a big positive as well, the pretending to be daughter/father but the friendship that they then received from the chasing of the story was pretty impressive really.

I had never even heard of Scoop before which was something that surprised me considering Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman star in it alongside Woody Allen. As it turns out this was not a very well received film from Allen, therefore I guess it was then quite strange that I really enjoyed it considering I find his films a big struggle. I just felt the mystery mixed with not only the fantasy element but with the comedy thrown in as well as the slight love/romance.

Scarlett Johansson is fantastic in the leading role of this film and it really does make me sad that I had never heard of this one before. As it certainly deserves to be seen for her performance alone. Then the great chemistry with Hugh Jackman who has plenty of charm and charisma. I could also deal with Woody Allen well and thought his character was decent, maybe it is time that I try to watch his older films again? Ian McShane is one of my favourite British actors and he was given a few moments in his small role to steal the scene!

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