Father of the Bride (1991) Review


George Banks was very excited about his daughter Annie returning home from studying in Europe. When she announces she fell in love in Rome, got engaged and now getting married to Brian MacKenzie his melt down begins!


Everything about Father of the Bride just works in the best possible way, showing how much a father despairs that his daughter is getting married. Nina is very happy about this and feels Brian is a very good match for Annie. George on the other hand constantly freaks out and doesn’t really want to accept the wedding.

Bringing in a wedding planner Franck Eggelhoffer really pushes the boundaries for him, as they decide to have the wedding at home. Let’s face it though their home is a truly amazing house and is transformed for the wedding. He struggles to accept the cost and when you think that this was released in 1991, the price of everything is absolutely insane. I know he has his own business and everything but the quote of $250 a head when they originally have over 500 guests on the list is just crazy. Maybe this predicted how highly priced weddings would become?

Along with the wedding planning and then having to meet the in-laws of John and Joanna where George seems just find trouble wherever he goes. Snooping around the house and managing to get the cheque book in the pool. Then ending up in the pool himself, so that just highlights that it has physical comedy as well as the well put together script. Not forgetting some very touching and lovely moments, which is what I guess you would expect in a film about a wedding.

For whatever reason this film was one of my favourites as a kid, I seriously do not really know why as its a bit of a strange one for a kid to like. Anyway I feel that is one of the reasons why I still have such a soft spot for it and class it firmly as one of my feel good films and guilty pleasures. It never fails to make me smile at so many different moments.

Steve Martin is everything in the leading role and you can just tell it was all put together for him to have fun with it. Diane Keaton alongside him is the perfect match and they have fantastic chemistry together and are believable as a longtime married couple. Kimberly Williams-Paisley works very well with them both and has such an innocence on screen, in what was her film debut. Kieran Culkin is given some fantastic lines and moments. Martin Short brings a whole different side to the comedy with his French accent and is very over the top.

3 thoughts on “Father of the Bride (1991) Review

      • Ah woah, yeah, one of my all-time. For some reason I used to watch it a LOT as a kid. I don’t think it’s that badly dated either, not in themes anyway, if anything it’s kinda a refreshingly innocence to it but also a really sharp script from Martin.

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