7500 (2019) Review


Everything seems pretty ordinary on the flight from Berlin to Paris. Tobias Ellis is the co-pilot and Michael Lutzmann the pilot making the pre flight checks before taking off. Not long after being in the air terrorists enter the cockpit!


Ever since the events of 9/11 the idea of going on an airplane terrifies people, that they will be involved in a terrorist attack on the plane. The security before you get on a plane is very high and you would think it would be near impossible to be able to hijack it! This film is about to show these fears through the eyes of the pilot and co-pilot in the small area of the cockpit.

This meant the film was slightly different to how I expected and I actually feel that is a good thing. That is where the film fully takes place, we live it through Tobias who has his arm stabbed in the struggle and must attempt to keep control of the aircraft. He becomes trapped with one of the terrorists in with him, but something that is worth taking note of is once that door is closed and locked it is near impossible for anyone to break in. That has to be reassuring right?

The tense atmosphere created makes the first 50 minutes or so incredible to watch, it really takes your breath away as you witness the struggle. The biggest issue is the stereotypical terrorists, surely something a little bit more creative could have been done? *As a side note make sure you have the subtitles on as they don’t automatically come on, I had to rewind part of the film when I realised that this did not happen.* 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt puts in an inspired performance as the majority of the film really does rely on him. A very good choice for the role in that sense but other than his performance and the tension build up that is pretty much it really. The ending is not only abrupt but poor in terms of we are left with well nothing. That then leaves the feeling of disappointment given the tense start and interesting scenes, such a shame becomes it had so much promise with all that then just fell at the final hurdle. Still an interesting take on terror attacks on planes. Maybe it is lucky that we cannot really fly anywhere at the moment though as it might have people being a little bit scared!

We have also found out though that 7500 is the emergency code for a plane hijacking, does that mean they will now have to change it if it is such common knowledge? Although it is done in a special squawk code, which is silent.


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