Four Kids and It (2020) Review


When Ros, Robbie, Smash and Maudie are thrown together to become a family when their parents David and Alice announce they are in a relationship together as they meet on an arranged holiday in Cornwall. It doesn’t start very well but when magical things begin to happen they might just rethink everything.


David and his two children Ros and Robbie are dealing with life after their mother decided she needed to find herself. Trying to get them engaged for the holiday is proving difficult, Ros loves to read books and Robbie is engaged in his hand held device.

Alice and her two children Smash and Maudie are from America and moved to the UK. Smash wants nothing more than to go back to the states and live with her father, resenting her mother for well everything.

The two dysfunctional families are about to come together on a holiday and without any pre-warning to the kids about the relationship. Which I guess does seem a little bit strange, but it creates the bad tension between them, well mainly Ros and Smash.

Everything would change though when they meet Psammead who can grant one wish per day and what ever is wished for is true for that full day, but it will only last that long. This is something that allows each child to do something that they either really want or that they are too scared to face normally. But it is not going to be that easy when Tristan Trent wants to find the magical creature in order to improve his own life.

The children keep it all a secret from their parents and it really does allow them to realise that you cannot always just wish something would be true. Also that just because you want everything to be normal again after a big change that it is actually going to be allowed to happen. In that sense for the family friendly nature of the film it certainly offers some good messages to children.

I found it to be a nice easy to watch film and the fact that we have Michael Caine’s voice is certainly a lovely little bonus. Teddie-Rose Malleson-Allen, Ashley Aufderheide, Billy Jenkins and Ellie-Mae Siame all work very well together and cover many different ages for the children watching to relate to which will work out well for it. Russell Brand is a decent bad guy pulling that off quite nicely. Then we have Matthew Goode and Paula Patton as the parents and they are perfectly fine in the roles.

Four Kids and It is an original film from Sky Cinema and it is feel good enough for the current times and easy enough to watch. With some lovely messages to take from it about family, adapting to change, making new friends and trying new things.

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