Machete (2010) Review


When he is set up and betrayed by the man who hired him to assassinate a Texas Senator this causes Machete an ex-Federale to begin a brutal rampage of revenge.


When Machete was in position to take the shot on Texas State Senator  McLaughlin he notices the set up and that someone is ready to take him out as well. Realising the set up he must then battle to survive and wants revenge. The reason he agrees to the assassination attempt is that McLaughlin is corrupt and sending illegal immigrants out of the country. He didn’t really have a choice to agree as he either did the job or he would be killed himself.

When the set up is revealed and he is taken to hospital with his injuries he meets Luz who was the leader of an illegal immigrant aid movement known as Network. So everything he got into was a little bit more complex than he could have ever realised.

I wasn’t fully sure what to expect with this film but like anything that manages to get an 18 rating in the past decade you know that some of the action is going to be brutal. That is certainly the case in this film as well, with some of the deaths being rather bloody and graphic. Exactly what you would expect though in a film mainly about revenge.

When the film was first released I didn’t really have any interest in seeing it in all honesty. I have been working my way through Robert De Niro films and that is when I decided to catch up with it. Probably not really for me but I can fully appreciate why people like it. Batshit crazy is certainly one word I would like to use to describe it, doesn’t really hold back and dares to be extreme.

The cast is a very strange collection of different actors as well. We have Danny Trejo leading which he thrives in from start to finish, truly the perfect role for him. Robert De Niro as a Senator is certainly something I could get on board with. Steven Seagal is an actor I really do not enjoy watching and this confirms it even more. Then we have Michelle Rodríguez which I guess makes sense for this type of film but then we also have Jessica Alba which was a surprise and not forgetting Lindsay Lohan!

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