Night Train to Munich (1940) Review


Not long after Germany takes over Czechoslovakia in March 1939, a scientist Axel Bomasch is working on a new type of armour plating and he must be protected.


Anna Bomasch is arrested before she makes it to the airport to get to Britain and placed in a concentration camp where she meets another prisoner Karl Marsen but something seems to be around World War II that you really should not trust anyone at all. The Nazi’s would stop at nothing to have Axel work for them and produce the new armour to give them an added edge for the war.

With plenty of undercover missions all going on and mixed together you have to really think about who is on which side, something that seemed to be very common in terms of spies on all sides and that certainly creates the added and built up tension throughout this film. Wondering who could be lying next and who will double cross someone.

The plot does have plenty of these twists and turns and you really need to make sure you pay attention and the different names as well. It was an enjoyable film though, however I was quite surprised that Victor Laszlo changed his alliance (sorry very bad Casablanca joke that I really could not resist at all).

Margaret Lockwood was given a very powerful female role which I found to be fantastic. Considering the talk about female roles never being that good until recent times is really nonsense and people need to watch and explore old films a lot more. Anna was a very strong female character that really had to try and protect herself as well as the men trying to help her. Rex Harrison has always had fantastic charisma and screen presence which is really highlighted in this film, one of his earlier films as well something he started in 1930. His chemistry with Lockwood was lovely to watch, even with the love story and romance not being the big factor in the film. Paul Henreid also in one of the leading roles, it was nice to see him in another film as I have to admit that I have only seen him in Casablanca, hence the earlier joke. Maybe I need to find something that is not set in World War II?

I love watching old films and in particular those in black and white so I enjoyed everything this one had to offer. Some good characters and performances with an interesting plot. I do find it fascinating that films like this were being made and released while the war was still going on. Although a truly remarkable piece of trivia about this one is that even up until 2011 this had never ever been released in Germany!

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