Pretty in Pink (1986) Review


Andie is a poor girl and is made fun of constantly at school by the popular rich kids, mainly due to her clothing which she just happens to make herself. She then has some decisions to make when she falls for Blane and upsets her best friend Duckie in the process.


Andie is quite happy with her life and doesn’t mind that her father does not have much money. What she does mind is that he has given up trying to find a new job. When we first see her she is acting more like the parent, as we find out that her mother just decided to leave them. Already that gets the viewer rooting for Andie and hoping that she will at the very least me ok.

Her longtime friend Duckie who is so in love with her constantly telling her that he wants to be with her. She really just sees him as a friend and this is obviously going to cause quite a few issues when everything unfolds. She takes a liking for Blane who is one of the rich kids, but seems to be very nice. Unlike his best friend Steff who is very stuck up along with many of the other girls.

When watching the scenes where the girls are being horrible about her clothes it always makes me thankful for school uniforms in the UK, as having to wear your own clothes each day must cause so many issues. Something I love about Andie though is that she has her own style and proud of it, managing to make very unique clothes from hardly anything.

Iona acts as a mother type figure for Andie, but in more of a friendly role model way and I enjoy those scenes between the pair. Most of the plot is predictable, although I have just read that they tried the film with a different ending to begin with which wasn’t very well received by the audience so personally I am glad they changed it to the one we have in the film. Recently I have found myself catching up with the films known as the “Brat Pack” and I think this one still carries plenty of good important messages. As I have found some don’t stand the test of time very well, but I feel Pretty in Pink does. While it focuses on different social classes it doesn’t go into geeks or nerds like Sixteen Candles.

Molly Ringwald as I have found out is just perfect in this normal looking girl next door role. Not having too much and just someone you can really relate to, even over 30 years later. Jon Cryer is a true joy as Duckie and brings so much light relief to the screen as well. Both wearing truly outstanding outfits it as to be said! Annie Potts was a scene stealer each time she appeared which was certainly enjoyable. Andrew McCarthy wasn’t given a whole lot to do really but that was the character rather mysterious and it works well for the plot.

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