All the Bright Places (2020) Review


Violet Markey and Theodore Finch meet at the time they need somebody the most as they struggle with the emotional scars from their pasts which might just have more in common than they realised.


Violet is trying to come to terms with the death of her sister and finds herself standing on the bridge on the anniversary of her death. This is when she meets Finch and he joins her on the bridge. From this moment forward he goes out of his way to get closer to her and really helps her at times. But when something goes a little bit wrong for him he disappears and this is something Violet really struggles to deal with. Not knowing where he is and why he will not respond to any messages.

Finch has a lot going on and the abuse he suffered when he was younger is always on his mind and something he cannot come to terms with. He does have a mental illness as well which to begin with is not so much evident really. I found it very tough to try and work out that the disorder he was living with was bipolar. Something that probably should have been put across in a different way to clarify that.

All the Bright Places is not the film you first assume it is going to be, it comes across as just another teen romance film but it is so much more than that. I personally wasn’t expecting that I had no prior knowledge of the book it is based on so had no idea it would take a look at mental health and someone trying to accept and live with a mental illness without much help and support.

I have to admit that although some parts of the ending might have been obvious or a possibility it was still not how I saw the film going, as I have already mentioned it just felt like a lot of the other teen romance based on a young adult novel but it does go to some very dark places which I guess is actually important to highlight because these are issues that will be faced by many teenagers and young people. A film like this could actually highlight a deeper lying issue to someone getting in fights and suddenly disappearing. It might help people recognise possible signs that a friend actually needs some real help.

Elle Fanning has been in so many films in the past couple of years and I am actually rather bored of seeing her play the same character over and over again. Always the socially reclusive, plain and boring teen. I mean I could take her out of this film and put her in Teen Spirit and its the same performance as well as Aurora in Maleficent and in The Neon Demon. So safe to say I am not a fan and I don’t think I ever will be won over by her emotionless acting. Then the other issue in terms of performance comes from Justice Smith who is not really very engaging either. You may now be wondering why I have then placed this as ⭐️⭐️⭐️ but I do feel the way the subject matter is approached is good even with bland performances.

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